D&D Chess Set

Coming this fall, the D&D Chess Set features the mighty dragons of D&D legend and lore, poised in their eternal struggle for power and dominion. It's now time to feature the black side, for those of you favoring the game’s chromatic dragons.

  • Black King: Red Dragon. Full of avarice and ferocity, red dragons passionately hate the good dragons and all they stand for. Red dragons maintain mountain lairs that extend deep into the earth in which to guard their hoards.
  • Black Queen: Tiamat, the Chromatic Dragon. All evil dragons pay homage to Tiamat, the five-headed dragon who seeks to spread evil and destroy good. Tiamat plots and schemes on her home plane of Baator.
  • Black Bishops: Green Dragons. Belligerent masters of intrigue, green dragons form elaborate schemes to gain power and advance their evil agendas. Green dragons dwell in cliffside caves hidden behind waterfalls or other natural features.
  • Black Knights: Blue Dragons. Vain and territorial, blue dragons enjoy battle above all else, fearlessly attacking any who challenge their superiority. Blue dragons prefer to lair in vast underground caverns of grand design.
  • Black Rooks: Black Dragons. Cunning, malevolent, and possessed of a corrupting nature, black dragons often attack from ambush. Black dragons rule over fetid swamps, collecting their hoards in submerged, multi-chambered caverns.
  • Black Pawns: White Dragons. Animalistic and malicious, white dragons are single-minded predators with a taste for carnage and bloodshed. White dragons dwell among the icy peaks of snow-capped mountains.
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