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What can you look forward to in the next Dragon Magazine? Here's a listing of what you'll find in issue #346 – including the ecology of the rust monster!

Core Beliefs: Pelor
by Sean K Reynolds
Bring Pelor's healing light to the darkest reaches of your campaign with this in-depth look at the god of the sun.

Impiltur: The Forgotten Kingdom
by George Krashos
No kingdom sleeps quitely in the Forgotten Realms. Learn what heroism shaped this country's war-ravaged past, what plots threaten its current tenuous peace, and who guards its uncertain future.

Three Dragon Readings
by Craig Shackleton
Cast the fate of your character with this innovative system using the Three Dragon Ante deck.

Games of Chance
by Seth Irvin Williams
New card and dice games for you and your character.

The Ecology of the Rust Monster, Bazaar of the Bizarre, Class Acts, and comics including The Order of the Stick.

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