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What can you look forward to in the next Dungeon Magazine? Here's a listing of what you'll find in issue #137 – including an adventure by Save My Game's Jason Nelson-Brown!

Siege of the Spider Eaters
by Tim and Eileen Connors
The village of Haven-Fera has a problem -- it's been overrun with spiders that have been forced out of their nearby lair. Now, the horrible arachnids have encased the village in webs. Yet could this spider problem be merely a symptom of something worse to come? A D&D adventure for 1st-level characters.

Tealpeck's Flood
by Peter Vinogradov
Decades ago, the powerful wizard Tealpeck made a blood pact with the pit fiend Ibex. Now, someone must find a way to undo this folly before Tealpeck's lone descendant inherits a terrible fate. A D&D adventure for 6th-level characters.

Man Forever
by Jason Nelson-Brown
Lord Chauve-Souris gave up the adventuring life for that of a noble, yet something still haunts him from those early glory days. Rumors that he's actually a vampire have set the region on edge, and civil unrest now threatens a revolt that could devastate southern Impiltur. A Forgotten Realms adventure for 16th-level characters.

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