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Interested in what's taking place at this year's Gen Con? Can't make it there yourself? No worries! Several reporters, chosen from the Wizards of the Coast online community, have gladly agreed to supply their insights and words, blogging each day on the D&D message boards. To read their daily Gen Con blogs, visit them here.

Now to meet these reporters:

Drammatex Drammattex
Steve Townshend is an actor/writer based in Chicago. His gaming hobbies include strategy, board, card, and miniature games, figure painting, mapmaking, game design, and role-playing. For this year's Gen Con blog, Steve takes an in-depth look at the gamer's relationship to the convention.
Zherog Zherog
In the Real World, Zherog goes by the name John. He works full-time as a computer programmer and moonlights as a freelance writer and game designer. He lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife, two kids, a dog, and a cat. He doesn't know what "free time" means.
Greatamericanfolkhero Greatamericanfolkhero
When not posting on internet forums, Greatamericanfolkhero is better known as Dustin. He lives in Kansas City and has been playing Dungeons & Dragons since 2000, when some friends in high school introduced him to the game. When not running a game of D&D, he can usually be found hangin' with friends at the local comic shop.
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