Worldwide D&D Game Day Update

It is with amazement that we write this update. Much to our surprise and joy we must announce that applications for this year's Game Day celebration of D&D will close early, due to our being full.

This year we have been flooded with applications way in advance of previous years, and way beyond our predictions. A full list of successful stores will be published at at the beginning of October. If you're a store that has applied and as yet not had confirmation from us, then please check the website for your inclusion or contact us at:

Sadly, due to the overwhelming response we cannot make exceptions and even squeeze in one more application. We have even had to limit stores to one kit each, except in a very few rare instances, so that we could include as many applications as possible.

For players:
Characters are available at the website above and also an FAQ covering other Game Day situations. All further questions can be addressed to us at:

For GMs:
Characters and adventure blurb is available at the Game Day site. For those wishing to write their own follow-up or hooked-in adventure, please optimize them for use with the pregenerated characters and challenge rating used for the main adventure.

Have a great time!
--The Game Day Team

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