The D&D Cartoon is Coming to DVD!

The original 1983 animated series “Dungeons & Dragons,” featuring all 27 episodes in a collector’s five-disc boxed set, will be released December 5th by Ink & Paint (

“Dungeons & Dragons” tells the tale of six kids who, after riding the Dungeons & Dragons rollercoaster, mysteriously get sucked into its fantasy world. Once there, they are met with a variety of monsters and entities, but to their delight, are also greeted by the mysterious Dungeon Master, who gives each of them a magical item to use to defend themselves against the evil beings.

“Dungeons & Dragons” featured the voices of Willie Aames (“Eight is Enough,” “Charles in Charge”), Adam Rich (“Eight is Enough”) and Donny Most (“Happy Days”).

Included in this collectible package is the official “Dungeons & Dragons” hardcover game supplement. Created exclusively for this release by Wizards of the Coast, the Animated Series Handbook is 32 pages of official character profiles with full stats, magic items and a brand new adventure. The adventure is a prelude to the episode “The Dragon’s Graveyard,” designed to bridge the gap between the game and the animated television series. Also included is an Episode Guide Booklet with show’s synopsis, writers, and original air dates.

Disc 5 includes the following extensive bonus features:

  • The all-new half hour documentary, “Entering the Realm of Dungeons & Dragons,” featuring interviews with the show’s production team, writers, animators and network executives.
  • Two commentary tracks for episodes “Night of No Tomorrow” and “The Dragon’s Graveyard” with producer Bob Richardson, story editor and voice director Hank Saroyan, writers Mark Evanier and Michael Reaves and CBS executives Ted Field II and Judy Price, and animator Michael Swanigan. Hosted by Special Features producer Andy Mangels.
  • Full length animated storyboard with interactive episode comparison for Episode #16 “The Girl Who Dreamed of Tomorrow”.
  • “Choose Your Own Adventure” DVD Game.
  • 50 Detailed Characters, Creatures and Artifacts, Profiles with Bios, Images and Clips.
  • Short live-action fan film by Sean Kennedy.
  • “Uni’s Fun Facts” Trivia.
  • Extensive Gallery of original model sheets and memorabilia.
  • Radio show style presentation of unaired episode “Requiem” featuring select original cast members.
  • Alternate and rare footage.
  • Easter Eggs.
  • DVD-ROM extras, including scripts for multiple episodes (with the un-produced series finale script), complete storyboards and the original series bible.
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