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Hi folks,

It’s October -- which means the season of my favorite holiday! Well, except for that one Halloween when I dressed up as a mummy and accidentally lit my costume on fire (true story). Or that other time when I went as a lucha libre wrestler and nearly asphyxiated myself in my mask (also true). Wait a minute… I hate Halloween! Thanksgiving’s my favorite holiday, where you just sit on a nice, safe couch, gorging yourself and watching football (with 3 games this year).

Nevertheless, this October comes Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, a retconning of 1st edition’s classic module: I6: Ravenloft. We’ve already released the table of contents last week, with full excerpts (including stats for the man himself, Count Strahd von Zarovich) due this Friday, October 6th. We also have our Spotlight Interview with the authors, Bruce Cordell and James Wyatt scheduled for that same day; and if you haven’t already seen it, Andy Collins contributed a few answers of his own for this month’s other main release, Complete Mage (in which Andy must choose between Melf, Otiluke, Mordenkainen, Rary or Vecna as the spellcaster to add to his party).

Beyond the written page (written online, at least), you can also listen to our latest news and interviews by subscribing to the official D&D podcast. Last month, Mike Mearls and Dave Noonan talked all things Gen Con. This time, they’re back in not one but two podcasts for the month (the second coming Oct. 20th), covering the latest releases, as well as horror at the gaming table… plus, it’s Mike vs. Andy in a head-to-head debate, tackling a topic first raised by Andrew Finch: Rolling for Initiative. The recording studio (aka, Office 463) could barely contain their fury… but that might just be because it’s such a small recording studio.

Vampires aside, what could be more frightening than dead levels… meaning, those class levels that don’t come with new abilities, a problem Kolja Raven Liquette (and contributor to Complete Mage) looks to rectify in his latest web enhancement -- on no less a day than Friday the 13th. At the end of the month, we’re offering another web enhancement, this one for Complete Mage itself. You say warlocks need some love? Some epic love? You’ve got it, courtesy of Eytan Bernstein.

Also coming later this month, William Canavan (author of the Return Expedition to the Barrier Peaks) combines a bit more d20 Modern sci-fi with D&D fantasy, statting out mechas for your campaign. The most famous mecha of all (that is, within the world of Greyhawk)? We say, Mighty Servant of Leuk-o!

The latest Creature Competition also wraps up this month, with the final two dragons being voted on as you read this (so don’t forget to vote for your favorite). You might remember the first competition, won by the lovely Eludecia, Succubus Paladin. But whatever happened to her promised online adventure? Lost to the ages? No, the wait is finally over as we offer Legend of the Silver Skeleton, Oct. 17th.

As always, we welcome your feedback. If there are things you like or don’t like about the website, please let us know. In fact, there’s a direct email address for you to send your comments and suggestions to:

Many thanks,
Bart Carroll

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