Join us in Hollywood

This year, Wizards of the Coast is holding a very special event in Hollywood as part of the Worldwide D&D Game Day celebrations! Join us at:

Level 3, 6356 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA we run a very special fun packed day of D&D.

  • Defeat the haunting challenges in the Curse of Gethin Abbey, our special Ravenloft adventure.

  • Face one of our ferocious dragons in this culmination of the Year of Dragons game, using the D&D Minis skirmish game rules -- and who knows, you might win one to take home with you!

  • Relax and try your hand as a modern day Regdar or Nibin relaxing in the tavern playing a game of Three-Dragon Ante. Are your nerves steady enough to be the winner in our fun D&D card game event?

With no charge for entry and games, plus a chance to rub shoulders with staff from Wizards of the Coast, this has to be the greatest celebration of D&D in the region!

Doors open at 10:30 AM, Saturday Nov 4th, with games starting at 11 AM and the last games finishing at 6 PM. Games are strictly first come, first seated. Multiple games are offered and start at staggered times. All materials are supplied, including characters. Just grab your favorite dice and pencil and head on down to Level 3 for a unique day of D&D celebration!

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