Knowledge Arcana Issue 7

Knowledge Arcana Issue 7 Offerings:

Issue 7 includes its very first full-sized D&D adventure—The Miller’s Wife, by Pete Wyeth. Just in time for Halloween, this spooky adventure presents ghosts, witches, and more to challenge for your 8th level PCs. The maps for this adventure have also been rendered in D&D Minis scale and are on the Knowledge Arcana site for download.

Speaking of unusual lunches, check out our fiction offering—The Great Kithanu, by David Rodoy—for a gruesome entrée that gives new meaning to the term fast food. And if the story has you itching to play out the battle for yourself, just cut out the handy D&D Minis cards included with the story and use them in your minis game.

If you’ve ever considered a solo D&D campaign, Doug Lohse and Kirk and Michelle Johnson-Weider have some tips for you in A Guide to the One-on-One D&D Experience.

WizO_Paradox borrows ideas from MMORPGs to spice up your tabletops games.

In Creature Feature, we present the black recluse, a stealthy Underdark giant that literally eats drow for lunch. With these creatures, you can stage a skirmish war in the Underdark as a backdrop for an adventure, or give those players who just love to play drow PCs a nightmare encounter they won’t soon forget!

And last but certainly not least is our exclusive interview with one of the industry’s busiest freelancers. Ari Marmell has contributed to dozens of D&D books and written some fascinating fiction as well. Now you can take a look inside his brain and see how he does it!

So what are you waiting for? Download it now!

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