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What can you look forward to in the next Dragon Magazine? Here's a listing of what you'll find in issue #351 -- including a poster map of the Isle of Dread!

The World Serpent Inn
by Wolfgang Baur, Eric L. Boyd, James Lowder, et al.
Explore the planar enigma of the World Serpent Inn, an ever-changing festhall and flophouse unfettered by reality. This year, the World Serpent inn revisits several past campaign settings, including:
Greyhawk: Visit the fortress-port of Irongate and face the horrors that crawl beneath its deepest mines.
Dark Sun: Throw in your lot in a war over the secrets of the deepest mines.
Ravenloft: Reveal the shadowy new darklord of Lord Soth's former realm.
Along with stops in Al-Qadim, Dragonlance, Planescape, and beyond.

Ecology of the Isle of Dread
by Jacob Fazier
The Isle of Dread explored! Read the journal of Larissa Vanderboren and retrace her adventures. Includes a free player's poster map of the Isle of Dread.

New monthly Forgotten Realms and Eberron features, Class Acts, Scale Mail, Sage Advice, Savage Tidings, and comics including the Order of the Stick.

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