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Trivia Time

Q: What's this? An early holiday present of sorts, for folks to try their hand at a bit of trivia, and enter for their chance to win a copy of the D&D Cartoon on DVD!

Here's how it works: each day, we'll ask a new trivia question somewhere on the website (in one of each day's articles or features). Questions will appear by noon PST each day. Answer the question correctly, and you'll be entered in a chance to win a copy of the D&D Cartoon: the Complete Series, on DVD.

5 questions, 5 DVDs to give away. Here's your third chance:

Today’s trivia question is a tale of two bows. In the D&D cartoon, Hank the ranger wields a magic bow that fires a limitless supply of glowing arrows. A similarly styled weapon is wielded by Forgotten Realms novel character Cattie-Brie.

What is the name of Cattie-Brie’s magic bow?

A: Know the answer? Send it in to, with Cartoon Answer #3 in the subject line. One winner for the third DVD we're giving away will be chosen from among all correct answers submitted for this question. Tomorrow there will be a new question, and a new chance to win!

Complete rules can be read here. Good luck!

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