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Wizards of the Coast has always believed in hiring gamers to work at the company. Magic: the Gathering fans have watched a steady stream of Pro Tour players take over the Magic development process and the recent Great Designer Search culminated in all three finalists being offered internships. (GDS fans may also be interested to know that both Noah Weil and Mark Globus have also signed up to work at Wizards since the end of the contest.) Well, we’re not done hiring yet...

Wizards is in the process of expanding our digital gaming presence. Magic Online has been quite successful for us, and many of you have probably heard about Uncivilized: The Goblin Game, which goes into internal alpha testing next month. We have a number of other ideas about cool things we could do on the web or other digital platforms. Over the next few months, we’re going to be posting quite a number of job openings so we can bring these ideas to life. Our hope is that we can find web developers, web designers, producers, project managers, programmers, and game support personnel who also happen to be gamers. We’re going to need some managers too.

So if you’ve always thought it would be cool to work at Wizards, head over to our job page and check things out. (My advice is to search by city = Renton so you can see just the Wizards jobs). Keep your eyes on that page and if your dream job gets posted there sometime in the next couple of months, fill out a profile and throw in an application for it. Even if your dream job isn’t there now, you can still send your resume to

--Randy Buehler, Vice President of Digital Gaming

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