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What are Dungeons & Dragons Expand Your Role Grants?

The Expand Your Role Grants provide financial support to D&D clubs that passionately pursue roleplaying. Starting in January 2007, Dungeons & Dragons will provide $20,000 to clubs to encourage and perpetuate their roleplaying adventures.

Who is eligible?

Any roleplaying club that is passionate enough to apply!

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and must submit proof of their club’s affiliation with a college or university. Only one application per club will be considered.

What are considered appropriate criteria for the Expand Your Role Grant?

Expand Your Role Grants are available to D&D enthusiasts who belong to or wish to start, roleplaying clubs. Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for the Expand Your Role Grants program:

  • The club must be governed by a college or university.
  • The club must have a staff-appointed advisor overseeing the club’s activities (i.e., school faculty member, librarian, program director, etc.).
  • Dungeons & Dragons must be the primary focus of the club’s gameplay
  • The club must meet at least once per month.
  • Existing clubs must have at least four (4) active members.
  • All monies will be paid to the college or university, and not to an individual, to ensure that funds are used for the benefit of the club.

How much financial support is available through the Expand Your Role Grant?

Clubs can apply for a grant amount ranging from a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $1,000. Applicants must provide a detailed budget for their anticipated costs.

How many Expand Your Role Grants are available?

A minimum of 15 grants will be issued to clubs.

What can Expand Your Role Grants be used for?

  • Launch a Web site
  • Advertise/promote their club locally
  • Rent, expand or accessorize a space for club gatherings
  • Send club members to gaming conventions
  • Provide food for club gatherings

How do I apply?

Using the online application provided (25k), tell us in 500 words or less how a Grant from Dungeons & Dragons will benefit the club, provide a brief background/history on the club, and describe how D&D has made a positive impact on your life. It is your responsibility to persuade us in your Statement of Purpose of your passion to achieve your goal and how it will enrich your life.

Read complete rules (48k).

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