DDO: Reaver's Bane
14th level, New Enhancements, and more!

It’s been more than one year since the launch of Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) and the game continues to grow in content at a near-frantic pace. The April release of the Reaver’s Bane module continues that theme with some great new additions to the game.

Level Cap to 14

As a player of the D&D game, you know that levels in DDO are completely unlike levels in other massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. Instead of getting a more powerful version of your fire-based spell, you’re getting completely new spells that change the dynamic of the game. The latest update to the game brings new spells and abilities, such as crippling strike, destruction, freedom of movement, indomitable will, summon nature’s ally, Tenser’s transformation, and more!


Enhancements provide players with more level-up opportunities than traditional pen and paper, with the added benefit of allowing more customization to occur. If you want to play a cleric who is particularly good at healing, then you can focus on that. Other builds might be very good at turning, a specialist in diplomacy, or other combinations. A fighter might want to be “the great intimidator” while the rogue might want to be a master of picking locks. Specialize or generalize, the choice is yours.

Races have similar options, allowing for particular observant elves, more hardy dwarves, and other bonuses. These build on the race itself, allowing players to shore up weaknesses or enhance their strengths as they see fit.

Landscape Adventures

While playing in dungeons is at the heart of the D&D game, there’s more to adventure than that! As DDO continues to grow we’ve been adding new outdoor adventure areas. Locales like the Sands of Menechtarun, Stormcleave, Tangleroot Gorge, Three-barrel Cove, and others provide new opportunities to adventure!

The launch of Reaver’s Bane brings with it the Cerulean Hills, an outdoor adventure area where new players can explore outside the city gates of Stormreach. The Cerulean Hills offer players a new questing experience that is great for both solo and group play. High-level characters can explore Gianthold and experience the same new questing experience as low-level characters.

Join the Adventure!

If you haven’t experience DDO yet, you can play free for 10 days by downloading the client. If you’re a former adventurer in the land of Xen’drik, just go to the MyAccount section of the website and reactivate your account!

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