Ziggurat Con

We here at Wizards of the Coast are thrilled to hear of the success of this year’s Ziggurat Con. From Ziggurat Con Chair SPC David Amberson, a huge thank you went out to everyone who contributed to the event.

As PFC Samuel Dickerson also stated: “The prize support was absolutely phenomenal and the whole thing would have been impossible without such loving, supporting gamers back home…. The goal of the event was achieved, however; it got the word out, got us supplies to pass out to the various MWRs, introduced some new players to the game and, most importantly, it proved that it was possible, paving the way and setting the bar for this sort of thing in the future…”

And a congratulations goes out to SGT Gary Decker, winner of the con’s grand prize package: a core rulebook set, extra dice, graph paper, mechanical pencils, a D&D tote bag, a Gargantuan Black Dragon, a Colossal Red Dragon, 4 boxes of miniatures, plus a shield and short sword.

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