D&D Adventures11/01/2000

Capture the Queen
If you lose the queen, you've lost the game!

In The Vessel of Stars, the player characters find themselves escorting a child queen to a mysterious location in an area stalked by extraplanar horrors, their goal blocked by alien assassins and secret forces. Will the queen escape and return home to rule?

Fourth in our series of monthly free adventures, D&D aficionado Robert Holzmeier presents Vessel of Stars, an original Dungeons & Dragons adventure suitable for a party of four 4th-level player characters. Original cartography by Ian Malcomson.

Adventure Preview

The Vessel of Stars is a Dungeon & Dragons adventure suitable for four 4th-level player characters. Player characters find themselves escorting a child monarch to a mysterious location in an area stalked by extraplanar horrors, alien assassins, and secret forces. Two unallied group seek the queen. One wishes to kill her. The other wants to capture her alive. The players characters are her only defense.

Horvath: The PCs begin in the large town of Horvath, a town mostly of humans and which the vrill avoid due to their alien appearance. Although the adventure is designed to push the players forward to the Blighted Hills, unfortunate circumstances or misdirection may lead the party back to town to recuperate and replenish supplies.

The Waystation: At last the woods thin and the slight trail seems to grow wider and distinct again. About a half-mile from the treeline, a squat stone tower sits on the east side of the road. Flags sewn with the horizon symbol of Fharlanghn, the god of roads, snap in the air from the tower?s sloped, slate roof. Smoke curls from the chimney and a breeze brings the faint smell of cooking food. Between the tower and the woods, you can make out a well-tended garden and a small orchard. Will the PCs find comfort here?

The Blighted Hills: Years ago, the area now known as The Blighted Hills was a rolling, verdant expanse of hills and valleys marked by numerous natural caverns. The area had its share of dangerous creatures and was known for being the favored hiding space for local brigands and cutthroats. With the arrival of the plane-lost dimensional skimmer, whatever alien technology the devas used to bridge dimensions tore at the barriers between the planes, flooding the area with all manner of horrible (and often quite angry) outsiders. The dimensional rifts have since repaired themselves, but the barriers between planes are still thin.

The Wreck Site: The queen seeks the skimmer to take her home. Enemies lie in wait, seeking to stop the queen at any cost.

The Vessel of Stars: The grand finale takes place aboard the dimensional skimmer. Will the PCs accompany the queen home?

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