D&D Adventures03/20/2001

Manifesting: a Tale

Mystery surrounds the fortress of Melinas -- Lord Prisius' daughter has vanished. To find her, the PCs must navigate a fortress full of ghostly manifestations and strange NPCs. Freelance writer Angel Leigh McCoy offers the latest in our series of monthly free adventures. This original Dungeons & Dragons scenario is suitable for a party of four to six characters of 3rd to 4th level.

Adventure Preview

Lord Prisius rules a small fiefdom off the main trade routes. His elaborate fortress stands on a hill overlooking his people's farms. Many have heard of the fortress' odd architecture. Giant gargoyles sit atop the walls. Massive statues stand as sentinels at the corners of the outer walls. A mishmash of styles and shapes forms the structure itself, as if the builders had added rooms and towers in a haphazard moment of childish hysteria. Indeed, Lord Prisius has a rather remarkable architect in his court: his daughter. Melina designed the fortress in stages over a decade, beginning when she was eight years old. She named her creation, "Dream." The residents in the area call it "Melina's Dream." Cartographers have abbreviated it, over time, to Melinas.

Adventure maps created by Ian Malcomson using Campaign Cartographer 2. Find out more at ProFantasy Software?s website.

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