D&D Adventures10/21/2001

The Secret of the Windswept Wall

A new mini-module by Abashima Press publisher Eric Haddock takes PCs to the Hidden Coast, where they discover the truth behind a mysterious excavation and what it has revealed. Drop this free online adventure, The Secret in the Windswept Wall, into any setting you like.

Sionaas, a powerful wizard, started construction of a tower and dungeon in the nearby mountain range, the Windswept Wall. He recruited a large number of villagers for labor from Poisson, the nearest point of civilization in the area. He pays well and treats them kindly. Two days ago, something terrible happened at the site and a messenger was sent to Poisson:

Workers trapped in cave-in -- send help.

A surprise is waiting for the PCs once they arrive on site...

Adventure Preview


When the PCs reach the site, read or paraphrase the following:

The tower can be seen from a distance, making locating the site easy. The sounds of picks and shovels grate against stone and people shouting carry in the mountains.

About a dozen humans dig frantically at what looks to be a trench that has been filled in with loose stone rocks and earth. They're working with picks and shovels and carrying rocks away one by one. The progress has been slow; about 100 stones have been shifted.

Standing over the scene is an unimposing human clutching a large cloak about him and leaning against a long, thin quarterstaff. The weather is clear and warm, but he looks as though he?s standing in a cold rain. He notices your arrival with only a quick, blank glance. A red-haired boy, helping move stones, notices your arrival too and runs up to you.

The boy greets the PCs, giving the name Orwyn. His first question is whether the PCs are the rescuers sent from Poisson. If the PCs say yes, he's very relieved. If not, he pleads with them to help dig out the villagers but implores: "no magic!"

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