D&D Adventures06/26/2004

Dry Spell

An unusually severe drought in a remote area recently worsened dramatically when three lakes dried up almost simultaneously. The locals suspect foul play, and the foulest player they know is a bugbear named Relgore -- the leader of a highly successful group of humanoid bandits. Could he be seeking revenge for the militia attacks that recently dispersed his band? Check out the latest miniadventure for D&D v.3.5 by Darrin Drader. Drop this adventure into any region of your campaign world that features plains or desert. Suitable for four 3rd-level characters.

Adventure Preview

The dry season has been unusually severe this year, and the locals had planned on bringing water to their towns from the nearby lakes, just as they always had in previous years. This year, however, three lakes have gone dry in a matter of weeks. The locals are frightened, and they face death by thirst if they cannot stop whatever menace is destroying their lakes before the rest of the area's water sources go dry. What kind of power could achieve such a result is anyone's guess, but the locals suspect Relgore Himtooth, the notorious bugbear who leads a band of raiders in the area.

A short time ago, a squad of militia, apparently summoned by an irate nobleman, set off to find the raiders and end their depredations once and for all. Though the militia reported success, the locals are not so sure. Relgore evidently survived the battle, and he has probably reformed his band by now, just as he has always done before. But gathering and training a new band always makes the bugbear testy, and he always seeks the harshest possible revenge on any humans he can find.

But rarely is the bugbear subtle about his vengeance, and he couldn't possibly be responsible for drying up the lakes -- could he? Surely such a trick would take powerful magic, and the raiders have never shown any magical ability before. Could some new menace be threatening the area, or does Relgore simply have a new trick up his sleeve?

About the Authors

Darrin Drader was born in Pullman, Washington in 1973, and he attended Washington State University there. He has lived in western Washington for the past eight years and is thrilled to be an employee of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Darrin has done design work for Asgard Online Magazine, D20 Weekly Online Magazine, Dragon Magazine, Star Wars Gamer Magazine, Bastion Press, and of course, Wizards of the Coast, Inc. His most recent credits include the Book of Exalted Deeds and the forthcoming Forgotten Realms Serpent Kingdoms (July 2004).

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