D&D Adventures10/17/2006

Legend of the Silver Skeleton
An Adventure for Four to Six 6th-level Characters
by Bart Carroll, Todd Clayton, Mark A. Jindra, and Robert Wiese

"Eludecia" Succubus Paladin Lithe and charming -- a true redeemed villain -- this succubus has a Charisma bonus that makes her devastatingly effective with her skills.

Last summer, we ran our first Creature Competition: Head-to-Head, with sixteen deadly competitors battling for player's favorite. At the conclusion, the lovely succubus paladin Eludecia took the crown.

With the conclusion of our Creature Competition: Dragons event, we felt it was finally time to offer the online adventure Eludecia has long been promised. While her Fight Club stats have been released, the following adventure now introduces Eludecia to your players (that is, should they succeed in its goals).

Adventure Building... and Submitting

A quick note about adventure design: Silver Skeleton presents two methods of reaching the final encounter: either by solving a difficult riddle or, alternately, the use of hidden gemstones to bypass the Doorway of the Beholder. This second method, admittedly, breaks one of Wolfgang Baur's injunctions: the use of plot coupons.

For anyone interested in writing your own adventure, we recommend Wolfgang's limited series: Adventure Builder. His thoughts on plot coupons appear in Part 4: Copper Bits and Gleaming Hoards.

For anyone interested in submitting your own adventure, we'd also like to remind you about the Design & Development article on this subject. As stated in the RPG Design Test, Wizards of the Coast is searching for talented freelance writers to help design roleplaying game supplements and adventures. If you haven't worked with us before and would like to be considered for freelance design work, please complete the design test, detailed in that article along with complete test instructions.

D&D Alumni

Although legend of the Silver Skeleton holds no connection to it, the name does recall 1st edition's B3: Palace of the Silver Princess. To read up on the controversies surrounding this adventure--and to download the adventure itself--head over to our Previous Editions Downloads page.


Your thoughts on Legend of the Silver Skeleton? Other locales, characters, or ideas you'd like to see developed into a D&D website Original Adventure? Let us know, at dndfeedback@wizards.com.

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