The Mind's Eye05/21/2004

More Psionic Monster Mayhem
"Careful, you just may lose your green thumb!"

Ahead, you see the shimmer of sunlight bounce off a perfectly carved crystal sculpture of a sunflower. Slowly the head of the flower turns to face you.

This month we journey deep into the forest, scale the steepest cliffs, venture near an evil psion's stronghold, and cross a barren waste to bring you five new psionic plants.

Crystal Sunflower: These beautiful flowers resemble normal sunflower plants, except that they appear to be made from crystal. This is only an illusion; they are organic just like most other plants.

Ironglass Rose: This carnivorous plant sustains itself by consuming the blood of living creatures. The ironglass rose can scale cliffs and climb large trees or dwell within patches of dense scrub or undergrowth with relative ease, attacking both psionic and nonpsionic foes alike.

Sheengrass Swarm:A form of psionic-sensitive grass, sheengrass looks like normal grass in all respects. However swarms consisting of thousand of blades can form a hive mind and attack creatures that would trample or eat them. Evil psions have been known to cultivate fields of sheengrass around a fortress or stronghold.

Spine Springer: Appearing to be a standard cactus plant with red or yellow blooms, spine springers have somewhat stocky, large barrel-shaped bodies with two "arms." Spine springers wander deserts and savannas in a never-ending search for water, and they always attack creatures for the water they contain.

Warp Drifter: These fungus tree-mimics feed on the natural bio-energy of sentient creatures. They often conceal themselves near populated areas and employ their psionic powers to ambush travelers.

About the Authors

Scott Brocius has been "kicking around" with the D&D game since being introduced to it 1980. He has been an RPGA member for several years and has helped organize and run RPGA events for several conventions, including Origins. The new edition of D&D has renewed his love for and interest in the game. Scott also coauthors the monthly Mind's Eye feature on the Wizards of the Coast website.

Mark A. Jindra has been a fan of Dungeons & Dragons for the past 25 years and has organized RPGA Network events for many conventions and game days, including Origins and Winter Fantasy. In 1998 he landed his dream job as a web developer for Wizards of the Coast and is currently the developer of the D&D website. Mark has authored or coauthored various tournaments for the RPGA Network, and he also coauthors the monthly Mind's Eye feature on the Wizards of the Coast website.

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