The Mind's Eye08/27/2004

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind
A Revised Look at Psychic Meditation (V.3.5)

This month we take a look at psychic meditation and its effects on your psionic character. We start off with two new feats that will help open the mind and bring inner peace. Be sure to check out the revised meditant prestige class and a few items that benefit both.


When our bodies are worked really hard, we get aches and pains. We need to rest the body so it can recuperate from the stress and physical strain of daily activities. If we don't, our bodies can become ill. When this happens, we find ourselves forced to take it easy. We have a good night's sleep, and in the morning we feel rested and relaxed.

With our minds, we are always thinking, even in sleep as we dream. The mind never rests. However, with meditation, we can slow the mind down and relax it to such a level that it gets the chance to have a good rest.

A psionic character can find peace and harmony by continuously exploring the inner depths of solitude that meditation provides. The psychic energy centers awaken and the natural psionic forces from within the mind and body are released. With practice, a psionic character can harness and channel these raw psionic forces into positive effects.

Psychic Meditation [Psionic]

You allow your mind to rest and go quiet for a period of time, which allows the psionic energy in your body to grant you several psychic benefits.

Benefit: When you take this feat, you are granted access to the seven psychic energy centers. To gain a benefit from a center, you must first awaken that energy center. Awakening a psychic energy center requires 8 hours of uninterrupted meditation. You can have only one center awakened at a time. A center remains awakened until it is reset. Resetting a center clears it of its awakened status. Resetting a center is a standard action and does not provoke an attack of opportunity . If your hit points ever fall below 0, an awakened center automatically resets. Once awakened, you can activate a center as a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity . You can activate a center only once per day. You gain the benefits of the center for 1 hour.

Table 1-1: Psychic Meditation Bonuses

Associated Bonus
Crown +3 natural armor bonus to AC
Third Eye 1 temporary power point* per manifester level
Throat +2 bonus to Int, Wis, and Cha
Heart 2 temporary hit points per manifester level (maximum 40 hit points). These hit points do not stack with temporary hit points from other sources
Solar (Plexus) +2 morale bonus on saving throw of choice, +1 morale bonus on remaining two
Base +2 bonus to Str, Dex, and Con
Sacral Receive a power resistance of 5 + your manifester level

*See the sidebar about temporary power points.

Temporary Power Points

Temporary power points are just like bonus power points, except that they last for only a short time if not used up. Whenever a character with temporary power points spends or loses power points, use the temporary points first.

When a character gains temporary power points, note his current power point reserve, then add the temporary points. When the temporary power points go away, the character's reserve points drop to the previous total score. If the character's power point reserve is already below that total at that time, all the temporary power points have already been lost and the character's power point reserve does not drop.

When temporary power points are lost, they cannot be restored as real power points can be (except with another infusion of temporary power points). Temporary power points do not stack. When a character already has temporary power points and receives another infusion of temporary points, use only the higher number of temporary power points (unless noted otherwise). For example, a character gains 10 temporary power points, then spends 7 points, leaving 3 temporary power points. If the same character then receives another 10 temporary power points, the character winds up with only 10 temporary power points, not 13.

For example, Vollus, our 1st-level psion, selects this feat. He then spends 8 hours awakening the third eye psychic energy center. Once per day he may activate that center and he gains +1 temporary power point for 1 hour from the point of activation. A few days go by and Vollus decides that he would rather have a different bonus, so he resets the third eye center and meditates for 8 hours awakening his heart center. Once per day he may now activate that center and gain 3 temporary hit points for 1 hour from the point of activation.

Deep Psychic Meditation [Psionic]

Further study of psychic energy centers brings knowledge that allows you to enter a deeper level of meditation, awakening more of your psychic potential.

Prerequisite: Psychic Meditation

Benefit: This feat allows you to have 2 additional psychic energy centers awakened at the same time. Awakening these centers each requires a full 8 hours of meditation. You also gain 2 additional activations per day. You may activate any center that you have awakened including those that you have previously activated on the same day. Benefits from activating a center twice do not stack; instead they replace the previous activation's benefits. You may take this feat up to 3 times.

Focusing all of your energies in few centers rather than maintaing balance causes psysical and mental stress. Each activation of a psychic energy center per day beyond the first costs one more activation that the previous activation. The first time a center is activated per day uses 1 activation, the second uses 2 activations, the third uses 3 activations, and so on.

For example, Vollus is now a 3rd-level psion and has selected this feat. He has previously awakened his heart psychic energy center. He now spends 8 hours awakening his crown center and another 8 hours awakening his sacral center. He now has 3 activations and may activate any of these three centers. Doing so grants him the benefits of the center for up to an hour and they do not stack. A few weeks pass, and Vollus finds himself about to enter a spooky dungeon with his fellow adventurers. Having previously awakened his heart, crown, and sacral centers, Vollus activates all three by using all three of his daily activations. For the next hour he is granted 6 temporary hit points, a +3 natural armor bonus to AC, and a power resistance of 8.

What Are Psychic Energy Centers?

Psychic energy centers are energy centers in the body that are associated with a variety of states of evolution, consciousness, organs, glands, colors, light, music, and stones/crystals. There are seven psychic energy centers in the human body.

The Function of Psychic Energy Centers

Each of the seven psychic energy centers plays a vital functional role in our physical body and in our normal subjective consciousness. The actual functions and attributes of the psychic energy centers with regard to our physical body is an involved topic. However, in relation to the psionic body, they are easy to define.

The Seven Psychic Energy Centers

1. The Crown Psychic Energy Center: The crown psychic energy center is situated at the top of the head. It is most often associated with the control of the pain threshold of the body.

2. The Third Eye Psychic Energy Center: The third eye or brow psychic energy center is situated in the middle of the forehead. On a physical level, this psychic energy center governs the skull, eyes, brain, and nervous system. It also governs our senses, such as sight, smell, taste, and touch. The nervous system and the brain govern the energy waves, which send messages to the rest of the body. The skull protects the brain from outside interference and the eyes give us the ability to see on the Material Plane.

3. The Throat Psychic Energy Center: The throat psychic energy center is situated in the neck area of the body. This psychic energy center governs the aspects of communication, willpower, truthfulness, and creativity.

4. The Heart Psychic Energy Center: The heart psychic energy center is situated in and around the heart area of our physical body. The heart pumps the flow of blood that is needed to keep us alive. Without the heart, we cannot function on the Material Plane. Some call this the main center of the body.

5. The Solar (Plexus) Psychic Energy Center: The solar psychic energy center controls our will and our personal power. They say our true wisdom comes from the healthy workings of this psychic energy center. It brings us our strength, our courage, and our will to succeed, achieve, and survive.

6. The Base Psychic Energy Center: The base psychic energy center is the energy center that controls our energy levels, our connection to the earth, and our ambitions.

7. The Sacral Psychic Energy Center: The sacral psychic energy center is the energy center that controls our passions and allows us to fulfill desires. This center is where you fund your creativity on the physical level.

Psionic Items

Center Stones: These stones are attuned to specific psychic energy centers and grant an additional activation of a psychic energy center. Grasping the stone and meditating for 1 hour will grant you an additional activation of the psychic energy center to which the stone is attuned (a stone is useless to a character without the Psychic Meditation feat). Once you use a stone, you have 24 hours to use the extra center activation the stone provides. This activation is considered temporary and cannot be given up to the intense meditation ability of a meditant. You cannot use more than two center stones during the course of a day. The stones may be the same type or different types. To use a stone, you must grasp it in your hand. Center stones burn out after one use.

Moderate psychometabolism; ML 10th; Craft Universal Item, Psychic Meditation; Price 350 gp.

Resonance Crystals: These carved and polished glass crystals are attuned to a specific musical note. This musical note corresponds to the natural resonance of a specific psychic energy center. When charged with a point of psionic energy, they resonate that note for a duration of up to 3 hours. The note is almost inaudible and only perceivable by a person in a state of psychic meditation. For each hour that you meditate (up to 3) to the resonance of the crystal, you gain the benefit of increasing the duration granted by an activated center by 1 hour (to a maximum of 3 hours). You cannot use more than one resonance crystal during the course of a day's meditation. The duration increase is specific to the psychic energy center for which the crystal was created. For the next 24 hours all activations of the specific center have their duration increased. Resonance crystals can be recharged.

Moderate psychometabolism; ML 10th; Craft Universal Item, Psychic Meditation; Price 2,000 gp.

Vestments of Psychic Meditation: These finely crafted robes, worn over normal clothing, are woven from the finest threads and from extremely fine strands of stable ectoplasm. They are usually covered in intricate geometric patterns. The colors of thread used in their construction must match those associated with the psychic energy center to which they are attuned. You cannot wear more than one set of vestments during a period of meditation. Meditating to awaken a psychic energy center while wearing the vestments decreases the period of meditation for that center by 2 hours.

Moderate psychometabolism; ML 10th; Craft Universal Item, Psychic Meditation; Price 1,000 gp.

Censer of Psychic Meditation: This 6-inch-wide by 4-inch-high perforated iron vessel resembles thuribles found in places of worship. When filled with incense and lit, it allows you to awaken two psychic energy centers simultaneously. Normally you must meditate to awaken a center then move on to meditating to awaken a second or subsequent center. (If you have the Deep Psychic Meditation feat, it may be possible for a user to meditate for 8 hours to awaken 2 centers, and then meditate another 8 hours to awaken another 2 centers.) The censer remains lit for up to 12 hours. Vestments of Psychic Meditation need only match one of the two centers to gain their benefit, decreasing the meditation to 6 hours.

Moderate psychometabolism; ML 10th; Craft Universal Item, Psychic Meditation; Price 8,000 gp.

Psychic Meditation Items Associated Information

Colors Stones/Crystals Resonance
Crown Gold, white, purple Clear quartz, gold topaz, diamond 'B' note
Third Eye Indigo, violet Azurite, amethyst, sapphire 'A' note
Throat Blue Blue lace agate, turquoise, celestite, aquamarine 'G' note
Heart Green, pink Peridot, rose quartz, malachite, emerald, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline 'F' note
Solar (Plexus) Orange, yellow Citrine, topaz 'E' note
Base Black, red Bloodstone, obsidian, smokey quartz, garnet 'C' note
Sacral Red, orange Ruby, citrine, amber, carnelian 'D' note

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