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All Good Things . . .

All good things come to an end eventually, and now we've finally come to the end of the Mind's Eye feature. In the last three years, Mind's Eye has had an exceptional run of more than 120 updates, and it has introduced new psionic monsters, prestige classes, feats, items, over one hundred new powers, and so much more.

In this final installment, I have compiled all of the articles into two master PDF files so that you can download them and cherish them forever.

Five Questions with Mark Jindra and Scott Brocius

Interview by Kenn Boyle

I recently cornered Mark Jindra and Scott Brocius, the co-authors of the majority of the Mind's Eye material, at this year's Gen Con Indy and asked them about the past, present, and future of the Mind's Eye. Here is what they had to say.

Looking back, what was your favorite article or series of articles?

Mark: I would have to say that my favorite was the constructor prestige class and the articles that supported it. I played a constructor for over two years, and I'm really glad I got the opportunity to update it for expanded psionics.

Scott: Of the Mind's Eye articles, I think I most enjoyed the first Legend of Sardior article that detailed Sardior and his thanes. However the Demiplane of Ectoplasm and Blithen rank right up there. But my favorite article in general was the Random Encounters article that Mark and I worked on entitled "The Legacy of Aramitama Yurei."

Is there anyone you wish to thank for his or her contributions to the Mind's Eye?

Mark: There were so many people that actually contributed. Scott and I wrote the majority of the material; however, there would be no 3.0 or 3.5 psionics if it weren't for Bruce Cordell. But as far as the Mind's Eye is concerned, Julia Martin, the web producer for D&D, who helped us keep the series alive this long; Miranda Horner, who edited all of the articles; Skip Williams, who helped us balance many of the articles; and all of our playtesters (listed below), who seem to enjoy causing me migraines on a daily basis.

I also want to thank the fans of the Mind's Eye. They have all contributed to the success of the Mind's Eye and the popularity of the psionics message boards, and they are the reason that there is an Expanded Psionics Handbook. I feel fortunate to be part of the psionic community.

Scott: I think that Dr. D did a great job of maintaining the FAQ on the message boards and contributed quite a bit in playtesting as well.

Is there anything that got left on the cutting room floor that you sort of wish you could have included in a future article?

Mark: I worked on a new race and template that I would have loved to finish. There were also several monsters that made it to various stages. Who knows. I'll probably keep working on them in my spare time and hope that the Mind's Eye will return as a special feature from time to time.

Scott: Yes. I have a series of articles on a psion organization. None are anywhere near completion, but plans included several NPCs, a few prestige classes, new powers and items, a couple of monsters, a stronghold of sorts, and several plothooks.

So what does the future hold for you guys?

Mark: Well I'm looking forward to taking some time off from writing anything D&D-related. Then when my batteries are recharged, I'll probably start tossing some ideas around. I would like to write some adventures or adventure-hook-related material since I really enjoyed working on "Hasken's Manor" and "Force of Nature" for the Wizards website. And of course I still work for Wizards and will be doing my duty as the D&D website developer.

Scott: I plan on working on the ideas I didn't get a chance to get to. They might show up somewhere some day. I also worked on a monster-related d20 product that will hopefully show up as an electronic product sometime next spring.

Any final words?

Mark: I've hidden a link somewhere in this article that has a few powers that were cut from July's Mind's Eye . . . good luck!

Scott: It's been good . . . game on!

Here is a great big list of the playtesters that have contributed to the Mind's Eye over the past three years: Alturiak, Andorax, AntiDjinn, Ark, Ashrem Bayle, Big Jake, BlackSmith_FI, Blizard, boozeye, BTimeOperator, C_Locke, Cannibal_X, Dark_Psion, DinubaBear1, Dr_Draco5, Dragon Tribe, Drake_the_MarkFan, dungeonmastercal, Ecu-Truin, elecwolf, Gabriel, Ingram, Kastas, KerlanRayne, Litaliano, Littlesaltz, Lomi, Malkaf5, Mentos, Michael Tree, Mike, nagash-tur, Neomorte, Otakkun, Paradoxial, Ph0eNiX, pingpong, Piratecat, player1, PsiSH2, RaineyM, Ravphe, Raziel, Razz, Silver, SirArion, Slagger_The_Chuul, Slizaro, Sloth, Tallow, tarcil, Terralor, The_Livewire, Thramzorean, Tickster, TomMunich, Trance, urklore, Wererat troll paladin, WyvernSlayer, xawlus, Znith, Zorlag.

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