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Monks of the Burning Tiger

The Monks of the Burning Tiger are a group of lawful evil monks who have set themselves up in a rather forbidding lava plain. The monks have a leader and a fiendish dire tiger symbol to stand behind. Their goals are those of domination, and the player characters (PCs) can encounter the monks as they set about spreading their control.

Monastery of the Burning Tiger

The Monastery of the Burning Tiger is a monastery and compound located in the middle of a lava plain. The monks live and train there under a harsh master.

Magoun, Half-Fiend Leader of the Burning Tigers

Magoun, harsh though he is, trains his monks extremely well. His goals may not be clear to outsiders, but to him and his followers, they are very compelling and apparent.

Ravool, Fiendish Dire Tiger

Ravool serves the monastery both as a sign of its right to exist and as its symbol of continued power. The tiger prefers to add its own touch to the training practices of the monks, though its often very painful for those being trained.

Rod of the Burning Tiger

The rod of the burning tiger is not only a symbol of power within the monastery, but it is also a very powerful magic item that the monastery will protect with every last life within its walls.

Trial of the Burning Tiger

Those who seek to become a Burning Tiger monk or who trespass on the monastery grounds will inevitably face the Trial of the Burning Tiger.

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