Random Encounters10/14/2003

The Kaorti Ubercyst
(Bonus Epic Encounters)

Magic and Resin Items

Kaorti items are all constructed from the resin their palms secrete. In most campaigns involving the kaorti, the creation of resin weapons doesn't become an issue because the kaorti normally serve as enemies of the player characters. However, a few kaorti turn rogue and seek to find a home within the world, and others would like to wield the powerful ribbon weapons that they find.

Weapons made from kaorti resin require the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat to wield, and each must be specific to each ribbon weapon. For example, if the character acquires one of the ribbon longswords of wounding wielded by the Guardians of Gloom and Despair, she must take the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (longsword) feat. If she has acquired a ribbon dagger also, she must take the dagger version of the feat as well.

Making magical versions of kaorti items is possible. The item maker must use resin it has excreted itself, and also must have the appropriate craft skill and item creations feats. Kaorti resin is particularly suitable for bladed weapons such as daggers and swords. Any resin item must be made as a masterwork item. A resin piercing or slashing weapon has a critical multiple of x4. A suit of resin armor works like masterwork armor, but also protects a kaorti wearer from the effects of the Material Plane. Normally characters creating magic weapons must spend large amounts of gold as well as experience points to create the masterwork weapon. Because the kaorti exist outside of ordinary society and they normally craft their own weapons, an adjustment to the magic item creation system described in the Dungeon Master's Guide is necessary. This method applies only to the creation of kaorti ribbon weapons, and it is not a replacement method for normal magic item creation. A kaorti armorer or weaponsmith must excrete considerable amounts of resin, or gather resin from other kaorti and mix it with his own. In either case, the process is very draining for the kaorti.

The actual process for creating magic items is almost identical to that of an ordinary magic user who is enhancing an item. A lab must be created and the item is treated with alchemical substances over the usual period of time to enhance it. With the exception that the base items consist of resin, all other material aspects of the item's creation are exactly as described in the Dungeon Master's Guide. Spell components, chemicals, and other materials are still required. Magic weapons, armor, rings, staff, rods, and all other magic items can be crafted from kaorti resin.

A kaorti must begin to process of making a magic item by first collecting enough resin for the job and forming it into a suitable shape. Kaorti resin typically lasts only about 500 days, so a kaorti item maker must strengthen it with extra material excreted from its own body to fashion a truly permanent item; this process costs the kaorti experience points equal to 50% of the market price for a masterwork item of the appropriate type. After that, a kaorti can reduce the cost to make a magic item by 5 gp for every XP spent, to a minimum of 35% of the normal cost (and it must spend at least 1/5th the base item's cost in XP). A kaorti character cannot spend so much experience so as to cost itself a level to create an item. Multiple kaorti can work together to create a single item, but none can contribute less than 33% of the total amount of experience points necessary to create the item. All kaorti must fulfill the requirements necessary to create the item.

References: Page 110 of the Fiend Folio gives general information regarding kaorti items.

Bringing the Parts Together

Now that you have been introduced to the full cast of characters, you may want to integrate a full-blown plot focusing upon a mind flayer captive, the leader of the cyst, his guardians and mind flayer follower, plus the secret of creating the resin items. The mind flayer captive could have just discovered the secret to making these items (how it did so is up to you!), and the PCs may wish to save him from becoming the latest thrall so that they can learn this knowledge. Do they do so? Can they face the forces that oppose them? What will they discover about the kaorti while they're in the area? Is there a larger threat, and can they destroy it?

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