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The Legacy of Aramitama Yurei
(Bonus Oriental Adventures Encounters)

Yurei's Kimono

The kimono would have served as the crowning achievement of Aramitama Yurei's skill as a magic item craftsman and sorcerer. It turned out as such, but it also changed Yurei's life forever.

The formal kimono is made of double-layered silk. In its normal state, it is black in color with gold, red, and white lettering and symbols. The lettering is a mixture of Draconic, mage symbols, and Common, and they list places, people, and events that were important in Yurei's life. At the wearer's desire, the lettering can be obscured into meaningless patterns and the black color can be exchanged with any of the other three, so the kimono can be black, gold, red, or white.

The kimono provides a +5 armor bonus to AC but cannot be worn with armor. It also provides acid, cold, electricity, and fire resistance 10. The kimono acts as an intelligent item (see Chapter 7 in the Dungeon Master's Guide), though the item's abilities stem from Yuri's spells. It has 120-foot darkvision and hearing.

Yurei had designed the kimono to help defend himself against the seemingly endless stream of foes that crawled out of his past. He also wanted something to fit his style -- something appropriate for one in his station in life. To achieve this, he used the finest materials he could find and the garment itself cost 8,000 gp to produce. Once the kimono was created, he set about enhancing it with the scrolls he had collected for the project. Finally, when all the lesser spells were in place, he added the final wish for the kimono to protect his life.

Yurei didn't phrase the wish properly. Or perhaps, he did. Either way, Yurei's existence changed with the utterance of the last word of the spell. Yurei's body disappeared as his spirit left it and became part of the kimono. When someone dons the kimono, Yurei gains awareness of the world through her. Whether or not he makes his presence known is up to him. He has full mental contact with the wearer of this artifact and can provide assistance if their goals are compatible. Yurei's goal is to continue his research and gain power over the spirit world. He has a considerable amount of knowledge in certain areas and can provide an assistance bonus to skill checks when the DM feels it to be appropriate. In addition, the wearer can allow Yurei to cast a spell during a round, though this surrenders control to Yurei, which he may not want to give back. The choice of spell is up to Yurei and will greatly depend on how he and his host get along. If the wearer is not to Yurei's liking, or if there is a difference of opinion, Yurei can attempt to take control of the wearer. Yurei's Ego rating is 34. The kimono acts as an intelligent item (see Chapter 7 in the Dungeon Master's Guide), though the item's abilities stem from Yuri's spells. It has 120-foot darkvision and hearing while worn.

Yurei does his best to work with the kimono wearer, mostly due to the differences in his perception of time. Time passes normally while someone wears him, but it changes when he is not being worn. While confined to his own dark place, every week that passes in the real world is but a minute to him. If someone has not already discovered him, this time dilation can cause Yurei much stress and will make his initial contact irrational and potentially dangerous for the wearer's friends.

Bringing the Parts Together

Introducing the party to Yurei through the kimono can be an interesting way to change the direction of your campaign. You may wish to have Yurei control the party member that wears the kimono and insist that the group travel to his home to retrieve an item of great power (the siangham). Unfortunately the siangham is long since lost to the annals of time. Or is it?

Coming in Part 4 of the Legacy of Aramitama Yurei

Yurei's house has been abandoned for quite some time, and the local village has chosen to leave it alone.

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