Random Encounters11/18/2003

Wild Life

In this month's special feature, earn an animal companion regardless of your class, learn new tricks and training techniques, get the right gear for your mount or animal companion, and discover two new prestige classes that can turn any character into a dangerous mounted adventurer.

Animal Companions for Any Character

Earn an animal companion or special mount regardless of your class.

Tricks and Training for D&D Animals

Learn new tricks and training techniques for mounts, pets, guard animals, or even magical companions and mounts. Plus, make sure you've got the right gear for your mount.

Silverwood Outriders

Discover the beauty of the ancient Silverwood forest, and learn the secrets of a powerful new prestige class for mounted warriors.

Silverwood Arcanists

This exciting new prestige class gets arcane spellcasters mounted up and ready for battle.

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About the Author

Jesse Decker is a writer and game designer who has spent most of his life wandering around Renton, Washington. Jesse traded one dream job for another in the middle of 2003 when he left Dragon Magazine as its editor-in-chief to become a full-time RPG designer at Wizards of the Coast.

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