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Demons can give nightmares to even the most stalwart adventurer. It seems that no matter how powerful one gets, one can always run across a demon that is tougher or craftier. And one can stumble across so many of them. Many people find it hard to imagine defeating this kind of evil permanently.

Demons plague the lives of mortals in many ways. Some tempt mortals to wickedness. Some feed on the souls of mortals, or simply deal death to every mortal they see. Some even try to use mortals in their demonic power struggles. And, let's not forget that mortals try to use demons, too. Wizards summon and try to bind them for service. Other wizards use their parts in bizarre spells. Still others make alliances with the creatures and seek power and favor from them. Adventurers usually end up cleaning up the consequences of these fools.

Demons can easily appear in any adventure. This month's Random Encounters features a collection of demons and those who would profit from them. Liven up your campaign with new demonic threats, and confound your players.

The Bogannarr

Monkey-like but with a dangerous "bite," these lesser demons attack in packs to maximize their killing potential.

Ormad Sulpar, Master of Demons

One can make too many bargains with demons, as Ormad found to his growing despair.

The Harvest of Souls

In this mysterious place, souls disappear and evil festers.

Plant Demons

Breeding fiends with ordinary creatures is always a cause for ruin, and this is especially true when the creations become their own species of evil.

About the Author

Robert Wiese began playing D&D with the blue boxed set (the one after the original three small pamphlets). He has campaigned through three and a half editions of his favorite roleplaying game, and has tried Call of Cthulhu, Star Wars, and some other games as well. Throughout it all he has learned that a great DM makes a great campaign. So he is happy to assist great DMs with little ideas such as these random encounters. He led the RPGA Network through the tough times and now works at UNR as a biochemical researcher. Life is very full between studies, work, pets (three dogs, three cats, a fish, a frog, a toad, and two rats) and gaming, but he always puts his wife and his faith first.

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