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Tactics and Tips: Contest

First, the Challenge

Design & Development’s You Craft the Creature is creating a brand new menace for the game – chosen by you, the players! Each week, we’ve asked you to vote on some aspect of this developing creature – from its type and terrain, to its Challenge Rating and special abilities. When complete, this new creature will appear in a forthcoming sourcebook.

So far, we’ve determined this creature (nicknamed the AMM) to be a “mastermind” aberration, of CR 15+. Its terrain has been determined as Forest, its size as Large, and its preferred minions to be evil fey. We’ve also chosen new special abilities that this creature will employ:

Blasphemous Geometries (EX): Being an outsider from another dimension, the [AMM]’s form does not translate well on the Prime Material plane, appearing to be composed of obscene angles and planes, making it difficult to perceive by natives. As a result of its alien nature, the [AMM]’s body reacts strangely and unpredictably to native objects traveling in normal vectors toward it. A targeted attack, whether melee, ranged, arcane or otherwise, has a 10% chance per number of [AMM]’s opponents in a 10ft. radius of being redirected randomly at one of these opponents. Area of Effects would not be affected.

Wild Magic Aura (Su): The [AMM] is a natural conduit for wild magic. Anyone within 120 ft. of the [AMM] must make a DC 25 caster level check whenever casting a spell or using a spell-like ability. Failure means the spell is affected as if it had been cast in a wild magic zone (see pg. 150 of the DMG). The [AMM]’s spells are not affected by this aura.

Of course, once this creature has been developed, daring parties will soon come to face it – and we’d like your advice on how they should best approach this challenge.

Next, the Tactics

Tactics & Tips outfits PCs with the advice they need to outwit their adversaries and survive the perils of dungeoneering – as important to an adventuring party as any sword, spellbook or shield (even if it's an animated shield).

This time, we’re asking you to supply the advice. The situation at hand: a party of adventurers has heard rumor of Design & Development’s strange new creature, and plans to campaign against it. What strategic advice would you offer them, against aberrations or masterminds (and their minions) in general? Against this creature and its special abilities in particular? Alternatively -- if you choose -- while the special abilities have been chosen for this creature, what advice would you give for some of the other special ability nominees?

Provide your own Tactics & Tips article, up to 1000 words in length, and yours may be chosen to appear in the official Tactics & Tips column on the D&D website. Entries should follow the format of those already published in the series:

How to Enter

Please post your entry to this message board thread, starting December 25, 2005 and before midnight January 13 PDT, 2006. A committee of moderators and members will select five of the best Tactics & Tips articles, based on how each article fits with the column’s flavor, originality, and playability. From these finalists, the player community will vote on your overall favorite article. This winning entry will be edited and then published on the D&D website, commissioned at a flat rate of $70; the winner will also receive a copy of the Spell Compendium.

We look forward to your thoughts and ideas -- and may your advice keep as many adventurers alive as possible!

Also, read official rules for the contest here.

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