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Monsters of Faerun
In the Realms

The monsters found in Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerûn could appear in any Dungeons & Dragons campaign . . . and probably will. Few Dungeon Masters will be able to resist the lure of monsters like the beholder mage (actually a prestige class open only to beholders!), the greater doppelganger (which gains the memories of the brains it eats), or the deadly shadow dragon. The book is particularly useful, however, for players and DMs in a Forgotten Realms campaign.

Each monster entry includes a few paragraphs under the heading, "In the Realms." These sections give specific details of the monsters as they relate to Faerûn, the world of the Forgotten Realms: how the first aballin was a druid cursed by an archwizard of Netheril, how an alhoon (a mind flayer lich) created the Dekanter goblins, and how the Tyrantfog of Iyachtu Xvim created a number of Tyrantfog zombies. Each monster entry becomes an adventure seed, opening a literal world of possibilities to the DM. In this web-only bonus supplement, we offer examples of how those "In the Realms" entries can be expanded for use in a Forgotten Realms campaign.

About the Author

Cocreator of Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerûn, James Wyatt wrote articles for DragonMagazineand DungeonAdventures before joining the Wizards of the Coast staff in January 2000. Game design is career number 5, after stints as a childcare worker, ordained minister, technical writer, and web designer. He currently resides in Washington State.

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