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Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
More of the Divine

The deities of the Forgotten Realms setting are one of the elements that provide the world with its distinctiveness. With so many possibilities, a player can pick a patron deity that perfectly suits her character's class, alignment, race, and roleplaying inclinations. But this bounty of riches is also a curse -- so many deities, so little space! With all the information packed into the beautiful colorful new Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, not one further iota of information could be crammed in.

So if you want to mine the possibilities of all of Faerûn's deities for your character's full development, here is a web enhancement to suit your fancy! In it, Thomas Rinschler, a long-time Forgotten Realms aficionado, has drawn together short descriptions of all the Faerûnian deities who were only summarized on the comprehensive table of deities in the book. Now when you select your character's patron deity, you can have a more rounded idea of what the god or goddess is all about.

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The new Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting provides basic information on all of the deities of Faerûn and detailed information on thirty of them. Here are descriptions similar to those found in the deity entries in the D&DPlayer's Handbook for all the remaining deities of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.


The dwarven god of greed, Abbathor (ab-bah-thor), is neutral evil. His titles include the Great Master of Greed, the Trove Lord, and the Avaricious. He is an intensely greedy deity and is both desirous and envious of others' riches. He and his followers believe in the acquisition and hoarding of money and other forms of wealth by any and all means necessary. His relations with his fellow dwarven deities are strained, but he has not been cast out of the pantheon. The domains he is associated with are Dwarf, Evil, Luck, Trade, and Trickery. His favored weapon is the dagger.

Aerdrie Faenya

Aerdrie Faenya (air-dree fah-ane-yuh), the elven goddess of the air, weather, and birds, is chaotic good. She is also called the Winged Mother and the Lady of Air and Wind. Stories say that she was revered in times past by the legendary winged avariel elves, but now she is mainly venerated by those elves who are interested in the weather, especially druids and rangers, and by those elves who either possess winged mounts or have befriended flying creatures. The domains associated with her are Air, Animal, Chaos, Elf, Good, and Storm, and her favored weapon is the quarterstaff.


Akadi (ah-kah-dee), the goddess of elemental air, speed, and flying creatures, is neutral. Her titles include the Queen of the Air and the Lady of the Winds. Like her fellow elemental deities, she is an alien and aloof deity. As a deity of freedom and travel, she teaches that her followers should move as much as possible from place to place and from activity to activity. She and her worshipers are diametrically opposed to Grumbar and his followers. The domains associated with her are Air, Illusion, Travel, and Trickery, and her favored weapon is the heavy flail.

Download the Deities Supplement now (1.16mb PDF)

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