Web Enhancements09/21/2001

Manual of the Planes
The World Serpent Inn & The Modrons

That right, not one, but two full-featured web enhancements! This month, the Manual of the Planes is so juicy and so crunchy that it led to two web enhancements.

The World Serpent Inn
By Jeff Grubb

Planar travelers occasionally need rest and refreshment too. Jeff Grubb, coauthor of Manual of the Planes, offers a Transitive Plane where travelers can wait to make their planar connections. Some must wait quite a long time, though. . . .

This web enhancement includes:

  • A brand-new Transitive Plane, complete with traits!
  • A table of random planar links!
  • An interplanar inn and its residents!

Download this Manual of the Planes enhancement now (336k PDF)

The Modrons
By Mark Jindra

At last, the modrons are presented for the new D&D! No creatures are more alien and mysterious than the ultra-lawful modrons. In our exclusive web-only supplement, Mark Jindra offers statistics for these geometrical creatures, plus an extensive background on their history, society, life cycle, and relationships with other planar creatures.

This web enhancement includes:

  • Statistics for base and hierarch modrons!
  • A description of Primus, god of the modrons!
  • Full details on the modrons' life cycle, society, armed forces, and more!
  • A description of the modron cathedral!

Download this Manual of the Planes enhancement now (1.3M PDF/ZIP)

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