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Deep Horizon
The Ruined Gatehouse

Deep Horizon takes DMs and players below ground to the danger that darkness hides. To give DMs another opportunity to utilize desmodu, the newest creature to the D&D monster line-up, Skip Williams presents you with a downloadable mini-scenario that takes place in a ruined gatehouse just before the remnants of the ruined drow city Chael-Rekshaar (see page 6 of the adventure). Check out a preview of this exclusive web-only supplement and download it today!

2. Passage (EL Variable)

The PCs find themselves in the passage once they pass the moat.

You find yourself in a twisting passage that turns right, then left, and ends in a high, broad archway blocked by a portcullis of black iron. The natural rock walls to either side are well provided with arrow slits arranged in three rows, just as you saw at the moat. There are cracks in the walls to your right and left that are easily large enough to admit a human or even an ogre. However, they are both 20 feet off the ground and are at the level of the second row of arrow slits.

The portcullis is brand new (the beholders had it repaired). It is operated from area 5.

Iron Portcullis: 8 in. thick; hardness 10; hp 240; AC -1; Break DC 45 (lift DC 55).

Please note that it's not possible for a creature of less than Gargantuan size to lift the portcullis. If some immensely strong creature were to make a lift attempt, the portcullis would simply tear away; treat such lift attempts as break attempts.

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