Web Enhancements12/14/2001

Song and Silence
The Hand of the Highwayman

Mysteries abound in this exclusive web-only supplemental adventure. Who is responsible for the sudden rash of burglaries in the town of Restenford? What is the magic item known only as the glorious hand? What lurks in the sewers beneath the city? David Noonan and John Rateliff, coauthors of Song and Silence, and Penny Williams, their editor, jointly offer a short adventure with plenty of chances for both bards and rogues to shine! This web enhancement includes:

  • A complete short adventure for four characters of 6th to 7th level
  • Modified sample traps from Song and Silence put to devastating use
  • Random encounter tables for sewer adventures
  • A spymaster NPC
  • And a new necromantic magic item!

Download Song and Silence enhancement now (824k PDF/ZIP)

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