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Deities and Demigods
New Gods on the Block

The new Deities and Demigods supplement provides everything you need to create, control, and call upon the most powerful beings in your campaign. While the book includes plenty of information on advancing characters to godhood, we thought it would be helpful, as you begin to explore the book, to have at hand an example of a recently ascended deity. Presented here for your use and enjoyment is a divine character -- Erbin, the beggar god -- for your player characters to encounter in any of five different divine ranks. In addition, this web enhancement provides 21 campaign hooks offering suggestions for how this character might enter the PCs' lives as part of, or as a result of, divine ascension. The wide range of these adventure ideas helps show DMs how to develop their own stories around mortals becoming deities.

To use this exclusive web enhancement, you must already have the new edition of Deities and Demigods.

The Beggar God Erbin, avenger of the downtrodden and god of vengeance, was once a beggar and petty street thief who became a deity. Erbin appears at the beginning rank for each divine category (quasi, demi, lesser, intermediate, and greater). Cast a critical eye at his abilities, because his power level edges up sharply in each category. Even as a quasi-deity, he can give unprepared mortals a difficult time.

Erbin functions best when at least some of the player characters are active on the Material Plane. He can focus his vengeful attention instead on deities, if you want to fit him into an inactive pantheon.

For Erbin's statistics, download the Deities and Demigods
web enhancement now! (209k ZIP/PDF)

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