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Stronghold Builder's Guidebook
Construction Journal: The Alqalinde Guildhouse

The new Stronghold Builder's Guidebook provides everything you need to design, construct, and play with castles, fortresses, towers, and more. As an example of how to build a stronghold within the context of an ongoing campaign -- and as a reasonably priced fortress for your own character's use -- here's the Alqalinde Guildhouse. This is a tower created by Oriel, a 13th-level wizard in a campaign going on in the Wizards of the Coast Roleplaying R&D department.

To use this web enhancement, you must already have the Stronghold Builder's Guidebook.

Oriel, tired of a local noble's hegemony over the arcane arts, has decided to found his own guild called Alqalinde, which means "secret-sharers" in Elven. But to attract apprentices (and eventually more powerful allies), he needs to build a guildhouse. Fortunately, recent forays against the yuan-ti and the giants have been lucrative, so Oriel and his allies have 150,000 gp to spend to get the Alqalinde guild off the ground. Oriel figures he can probably afford something castle sized, so he tries to design a structure with about 20 stronghold spaces.

When Oriel begins construction, he knows he wants to build a tower in the center of the capital city of Forghul, and that part of the tower will be underground. Forghul is a large city (price modifier of +6%), and the climate/terrain is temperate plains (price modifier of -5%).

Now comes the fun part: buying components. Oriel doesn't have to worry much about defense, because his magic will provide that, and the center of the capital city is pretty safe.

Accordingly, Oriel purchases the following components

To find out what Oriel buys for his tower and how he builds
it step by step, download the free Stronghold Builder's Guidebook
web enhancement now! (563k ZIP/PDF)

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