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Faiths and Pantheons, Part 2
The Leaves of Learning

Faiths and Pantheons by Eric L. Boyd and Erik Mona offers an incredible amount of information on the primary deities of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. This bonus supplement -- a full description of a temple to Oghma, god of knowledge -- was cut from the book for space reasons. We offer it here as free source material for the product or to use in your campaign. Here's what you'll find in this free 12-page supplement:

  • Description of the temple and its function in the city of Highmoon
  • Discussion of the key clerical services available there
  • A color map of the temple, which houses an extensive library known throughout the Realms
  • Location descriptions of the temple proper, keyed to the map
  • Statistics for almost a dozen new NPCs, from clerics and guards, to an order of monks and even the temple's high priest
  • Descriptions of new equipment, including magic items and weapon properties
  • Short discussion of the order's initiation rites
  • A look at the friends and foes of the temple
  • Three adventure hooks you can use to use the Leaves of Learning yourself!

Download the bonus Faiths and Pantheons
web enhancement now. (2.5M PDF)

Deity Do's and Don'ts
A Web Enhancement for Faiths and Pantheons

Faiths and Pantheons offers an incredible amount of information on the primary deities of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. This free web enhancement tells you how to use them to best effect in your own Faerûnian campaign. Messing around in the affairs of deities is tricky stuff, and who better to guide you through the do's and don'ts of it all than Realms guru Sean Reynolds? His free supplement to Faiths and Pantheons also provides extensive lists of each deity's associated manifestations: animals, plants, colors, gems, and other phenomena, so you can make your divine encounters as detailed as possible. Check out this web exclusive now!

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