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Book of Challenges
Enhance the Challenge!

The new Book of Challenges supplement is a comprehensive source of traps, encounters, and minidungeons that Dungeon Masters can easily insert into any campaign of any level. Now, to add to this compendium, we bring you two web enhancements full of bonus DM tips for making these encounters as exciting as possible for players. To use these exclusive web enhancements, you must already have the Book of Challenges.

Stay out of the Dark
By Skip Williams

When getting ready to face the encounters in the Book of Challenges, or any other venture underground, your chances for success (and survival) will improve if you're prepared to assess the Dungeon Environment properly. All too often, players concentrate on their characters' combat abilities and neglect equipment that serves other purposes. This web enhancement suggests some magic and equipment that player characters might overlook before entering a challenging dungeon.

Going for a Jaunt?
By Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel

Dungeon Masters take care to set up intricate encounters focusing on dungeons, mazes, and surprises. One challenge they may face is a party that utilizes spells and magic items to circumvent their elaborate plots easily. This web enhancement by the book's codesigner offers Dungeon Masters an idea for what to do if the characters try to circumvent the dungeon's challenges with a quick ethereal jaunt!

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