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Races of Faerun
Tower of Life and Tomb of Death

Two new lairs designed by James Jacobs provide DMs with two spots to add to their campaign. The first location details the ancient fortress tower of Tiru Tel-Quessir, an elven creation that was originally meant to serve as a place where ambassadors of the various elf subraces could meet in a friendly environment. Now the tower serves as a bastion of defense in a hostile land. The second lair details a Netherese tomb that has been discovered recently and partially settled by a tribe of unruly orcs. Both locations (and the maps within the document) can be adapted quite easily for use in your campaign and help enhance the Forgotten Realms supplement Races of Faerûn!

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Tiru Tel-Quessir

Tiru Tel-Quessir, translated into the Common tongue, means "Tower of the People." This impressive structure was built during the height of Cormanthyr, the Empire of the Elves, as a neutral site where representatives of the seven elf subraces could meet and discuss political and social matters of the time. Although representatives of the avariel were present at these meetings only once, and though the drow never saw fit to visit Tiru Tel-Quessir, all seven subraces were welcome in the tower.

The building was created with powerful elven High Magic from eight ancient shadowtop trees deep in the woodlands of Cormanthor, far from any other elven communities and hidden by a small but quite powerful mythal. The tower consists of one central structure surrounded by seven smaller ones. The seven smaller structures are circular platforms placed 70 feet off the ground around the trunk of an ancient shadowtop tree. Each of these small houses served as a private retreat for one of the elven diplomats, and each was connected to a circular platform atop the central structure. This saucer-shaped central structure was formed out of the largest shadowtop tree in the region, and it straddled the trunk of the giant at a point 70 feet off the ground. A narrow staircase wound down the trunk to provide ground access to the tower.

Since the fall of Myth Drannor, Tiru Tel-Quessir has stood abandoned for hundreds of years, until recently when a small band of elves discovered it and chose to make it a base of operations while they gather intelligence on the drow that are rapidly infiltrating the area. These elves are slowly learning how to use the magic of the fading mythal to aid their efforts, and they spend much of their time studying the ancient texts they discovered within the tower libraries. Tiru Tel-Quessir would make an excellent base of operations for adventurers operating in the Cormanthor region, provided they can prove their good intentions to the five elves who have moved in.

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