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Are your PCs taking their lives as adventurers and heroes extraordinaire for granted? Do you need to add a few more fiendish plot twists to your campaign? Take a look at the FREE downloadable fiends that have already been statted out. Each fiend has his or her own pernicious designs on the world, and your PCs could be exposed to their insidious plots. So, what are you waiting for? Fiend-enhance your campaign today with these six fiends designed by Penny Williams!

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D'keb: Alkilith Fiend of Possession

Though most of his kind work their evil directly, D'keb was gifted with a supremely subtle nature. Realizing that he could do the most damage by convincing others to carry out destruction, he learned to possess objects and then creatures and bend them to his will. Curious by nature, he enjoys sizing up every potential victim and assessing exactly how much evil he could do in that particular guise. D'Keb finds his greatest joy in perpetrating the maximum possible evil through each guise he takes.

Like other alkiliths, D'keb is especially fond of fouling waterways. To that end, his missions usually involve poisoning or otherwise fouling lakes, rivers, or wells that serve humanoid communities. Often he achieves this end by possessing the water itself. Once he possessed a small lake and caused it to attack those who ventured too close. Their corpses rotted undiscovered until the water had become vile and scummy... a home for all manner of vermin and scavengers. His goals can also be achieved by possessing objects that come in contact with water or people who control the waterways.

Presently, he has taken control of a druid and is working in that guise to ruin the river that provides water for a large city and that also serves as the main source of commercial trade.

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