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Ghostwalk, Part 1
FREE Ghostwalk Extras!

When the heroes die in your campaign, do they just give up? Or do they get raised and go on? What if there were a third option? In the GhostwalkCampaign Setting, characters can continue adventuring as ghosts. Take a look at the FREE downloadable extras that Ghostwalk author Sean K Reynolds has provided. You'll get extra feats, spells, monster templates, and magic items, as well as the full statistics for the playtest characters used in the development of the setting. So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your campaign today with these extra Ghostwalk goodies!

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A View from the Other Side

During the design and development of the Ghostwalk campaign, Sean K Reynolds and several intrepid playtesters spent a whole summer playing through two of the adventures included in the book. This weekly minicampaign tested not only the adventures but also the game rules for the setting. Playtester feedback helped shape the flavor of Ghostwalk, and the comments received often offered ideas and solved problems that the original designers had overlooked.

Unfortunately, not everything the authors wanted to include would fit into the book. So several additional monster templates, feats, spells, and magic items for the Ghostwalk campaign are presented here, as well as the full statistics for the playtest characters. You'll get the blood ghoul and valicorn templates, the Combine Turning and Elfblood feats, five new spells (candlelight, demonic blood infusion, door to great evil, fetid breath, and leech ghost skill), and three new magic items (blue octopus amulet, Chaniud's placards, and message arrow).

About the Author

Sean K Reynolds spends a remarkable amount of time on trains, where he defeats bandits, solves complex mathematical equations, and shushes noisy children. Then he wakes up. Check out his website.

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