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Miniatures Handbook
Ruins of Fear and Madness

The D&D miniatures are nothing if not versatile. Besides using them for roleplaying, tabletop skirmishes, and mass battles, you can set up fast-playing, challenging, random dungeons. To help you get started, Jonathan Tweet has done the work for you in Ruins of Fear and Madness, a short adventure to challenge 5th-level characters.

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Ruins of Fear and Madness is a random dungeon that uses miniatures from the Harbinger set. The dungeon is crafted to challenge 5th-level characters. You can supply your own or use the ones provided.

In addition to some 5th-level PCs, you'll need the Miniatures Handbook (for the rules on how random dungeons work), at least one d20, miniatures to represent the heroes, and an assortment of Harbinger miniatures to represent the dungeon foes. See the monster list below and in the download for the precise figures -- you can, of course, make substitutions for figures you don't have, with the caveat that you might alter the game's balance by doing so. Six special cards must be printed (from the download), cut out, and shuffled into the dungeon deck. Card sleeves will help them mingle less obviously with the other cards in the deck. Markers or tokens to keep track of monster hit points are useful but not strictly necessary. You'll also need a gridded map marked off with dungeon walls and corridors. The one from the back of the Dungeon Master's Guide will work fine, or you can use another printed map, dungeon tiles, or a layout of your own making.

Ruins of Fear and Madness is set up to be a quick and challenging delve. Warm up your dice, line up your heroes, and keep trying until you survive.

Monster/Figure List

(The indicated numbers are the maximum that can appear at any given time. It's very unlikely that all four Kuo-Toa will appear together, but two are a distinct possibility. All four Hell-Hounds might show up at the same time because they travel this dungeon in pairs. If you have two Hell Hounds, you'll probably be fine.)

Shambling Mound 1
Mind Flayer 1
Umber Hulk 1
Medusa 1
Drow Archer 2
Drow Fighter 2
Kuo-Toa 4
Dwarf Axefighter 1
Bearded Devil 1
Barghest 1
Hell Hound 4
Human Executioner 2
Wraith 1
Werewolf 1
Half-Orc Monk 2
Half-Orc Assassin 2
Wolf 2

Want More Miniatures Handbook?

Hungry for more? You can read online excerpts from the MHB right now. With so much to choose from, it doesn't matter whether you're a die-hard miniatures lover or just someone looking for ways to spice up your D&D campaign. You're sure to find plenty of useful material in the Miniatures Handbook.

See photos of the miniatures in our gallery!

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