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Dragonlance, Part 2
Dragonlance Poster Map

Put the continent of Ansalon on your wall with this free full-sized poster map, thanks to cartographers Dennis Kauth and Rob Lazzaretti. Suitable for printing on your own printer, this high-resolution map details all of Ansalon's key features between the Sirrion Sea and the Eastern Courrain Ocean and as far south as the Icewall Castle and as far north as the Worldscap Mountains. Of course, you can also use this map in your Dragonlance Campaign Setting games.

Dragonlance Poster Map Instructions

The map of Ansalon is approximately 20" x 30". To help you print it, the map has been broken into eight equally sized pages. This visual guide shows you which image represents which area of the map.

Downloading the Map

Each page of the map is approximately 1mb. All the pages have been grouped into one file.

Layout Map
One-Page Map
Piece 1 Piece 2 Piece 3 Piece 4
Piece 5 Piece 6 Piece 7 Piece 8

One-Page Map

For your convenience, we also have for you a low-resolution version of the poster map that will fit nicely onto one page to use as a DM handout or to let you easily visualize the breadth of Ansalon.

Printing the Map

You can use any program capable of printing JPEG images to print your map.

Setting Up Your Printer

1. Set the margin for each page at .5"
2. Set the orientation to portrait.
3. Set to print each image on one sheet of paper.

Each image is at high resolution (150 dpi), which may cause the image to print on multiple sheets of paper depending on how the program you're using is configured. Make sure that each image file is set to print on one side of one sheet of paper.

If you want to print the map on high quality paper, be sure to print the map first on low quality paper to ensure all your settings are correct.

Assembling Your Map

After each page has printed, cut the margin away along the left side of pages 1-4. Then, cut away the margin along the top and left sides of pages 5-8. Then you're free to tape the pieces together or fix each piece to your wall or other surface separately as you desire.

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