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Planar Handbook
More Planar Touchstones

By Skip Williams, Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel, Bruce Cordell, and JD Wiker

Planar touchstones are locations suffused with power, and characters linked to them via the Planar Touchstone feat described in the new Planar Handbook can tap that power for their own use. Now designers Skip Williams, Bruce Cordell, Gwendolyn Kestrel, and JD Wiker offer you four additional planar touchstones with which to augment your adventures, both on the Material Plane and elsewhere.

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More Planar Touchstones

Ages ago, a powerful lich created a swampy demiplane in which to build her stronghold -- a single obsidian structure known as the Bleak Tower. Although the bog seemed to surround the tower for miles in every direction, the plane was really only 1 mile in diameter. The lich made the plane self-contained so that no one who entered could move very far from her clutches.

For centuries the lich remained in her tower, researching new and innovative ways to turn dead flesh into undead servants. Whenever she needed new subjects for her experiments, she opened a portal from her demiplane to some other place in the multiverse. The creatures pulled into the swampy plane through such portals were never seen again -- at least not in any recognizable form.

No one knows what happened to the lich, but she has not been seen or heard from in millennia. The demiplane's boundaries have grown so weak that it periodically breaches them, spilling into swampy regions of other planes. When such a tear occurs, the Bleak Tower beckons to all the undead in the region, augmenting its own forces.

About the Authors

Skip Williams keeps busy with freelance projects for several different game companies, and he was Dragon Magazine's Sage for eighteen years. Skip was a codesigner of the D&D 3rd edition game and the chief architect of the Monster Manual. When not devising swift and cruel deaths for player characters, Skip putters in his kitchen or garden. (His borscht gets rave reviews.)

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