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Curse of the Rusty Walrus

A frozen ship, its hull encased in a block of ice, has just appeared in a temperate port. Judging from the figurehead, the ship is the Rusty Walrus -- a vessel that left this port on an ill-fated mission nearly a century ago. What evil force has brought this ghost ship home to port, and what threats lurk beneath its frozen decks? And why have important citizens of the town been dying since its arrival? Designer James Jacobs offers a complete short adventure for 8th-level characters to introduce the material from Frostburn into your campaign.

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Explorers' ships often arrive in port with cargo holds full of strange and exotic goods and crews ready to tell of their high adventures and new discoveries. But such ships usually arrive intact and occupied, unlike the one now floating in the harbor.

A ragged galley with a rusty iron walrus for a figurehead floats just at the mouth of the harbor, blocking shipping channels. Its hull is encased in an ice floe about 200 feet across. Ice and snow coat its decks and tattered rigging, and no one seems to be aboard.

About the Authors

James Jacobs works at Paizo Publishing as the associate editor for Dungeon Magazine. He's written several adventures and articles for both Dungeon and Dragon and has contributed to several Wizards of the Coast publications, including Monster Manual II, Races of Faerun, Fiend Folio, and Frostburn. He also writes the monthly "Far Corners of the World" column for the Wizards of the Coast website. When he's not scrambling to finish freelance projects, James spends his time watching DVDs and playing in one of seven (soon to be eight) ongoing d20 campaigns.

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