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Libris Mortis
Tarus's Banquet!

An invitation to dinner and a moonlight hunt has arrived from a local nobleman. His reputation is good, but why should he invite a group of simple adventurers to one of his famous parties? Could he be expecting some unusual trouble there? Designer Sean K Reynolds offers a complete short adventure for 10th-level characters to introduce the material from Libris Mortis into your campaign.

Enhancement Preview

A courier wearing the livery of the Bargden family has arrived with a special message. The missive consists of a folded piece of parchment secured with wax and stamped with the seal of the Bargden family (a boar's head surrounded by six stars). It reads as follows.

My Esteemed Adventurers,

Tales of your accomplishments have reached my ears and elicited a spark of interest within me. It has become my habit to invite persons of interest to my home for dinner, and while I normally extend such invitations only to the nobility, I believe your deeds merit an exception. If I am convinced that your reputations are not unfounded, I may have information of interest to you, and perhaps even a business opportunity.

Your attendance is requested at my mansion at sundown on the eve of the next full moon. Activities include dinner prepared by my servants and a moonlight hunt of whatever fast natural creature we can find near the grounds. Daylight hunts are far too easy for a man of my skill, and I presume that the same holds true for you. Please respond by the day after tomorrow by courier, letter, or in person.

About the Authors

Sean K Reynolds is a freelance game designer living in Encinitas, California. His D&D credits include the Monster Manual, the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, and Savage Species. You can find more game material at Sean's website.

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