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Races of Destiny
The Finalveil Cabal

84699.jpgA secretive cabal of illumian spies and spellcasters uses the dangerous power of necromancy to preserve its leaders in a state of eternal undeath. What are the cabal's goals, and what secrets have its members pulled from the powerful tome known as the Veiled Codex? Can the PCs destroy the cabal's undead servants and recover this powerful book of lore before the organization's sinister network grows even stronger? Designer Jesse Decker offers a complete short adventure for 7th-level characters to introduce the new race known as the illumians into your campaign.

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Illumian cabals are hidden organizations that pursue their individual agendas in secret. These cabals are grouped into broad categories according to their goals and methods. Those that use undeath as a means of preserving knowledge are known as gravewhisper cabals.

One gravewhisper cabal, known as the Finalveil Cabal, has long held a tome of great power called the Veiled Codex in one of its crypts. The members of this group have been using the lore from this ancient volume to turn the eldest and most powerful members of the cabal into undead creatures, thus ensuring that death cannot rob the organization of talents and wisdom. The illumians of the Finalveil Cabal regard their use of necromantic magic and their association with undead creatures as pragmatic rather than evil -- nothing more than a tool for the preservation of important knowledge. They devote themselves to gathering the necessary materials for these transformations and to ensuring that the organization's existence remains a secret.

Despite their efforts to keep their activities hidden, however, the members of the Finalveil have attracted a number of powerful enemies over the centuries. Several good-aligned churches, having learned about the growing number of undead creatures the cabal is creating, have mounted efforts to destroy them. Furthermore, at least two other cabals of illumians oppose the use of necromancy as a tool, despite the convenience it provides in the preservation of important illumian scholars. Other groups too, whether knowingly or not, have worked to destroy the undead creatures within the Finalveil. Unbeknownst to the members of the cabal, these enemies have gathered important information about the group and the source of its knowledge.

About the Authors

Jesse Decker spends his days (and nights and weekends) as the development manager for Dungeons & Dragons miniatures and roleplaying products. Prior to that, he spent two years as the editor-in-chief of Dragon Magazine, and lots of time working with nefarious groups such as the Wizards of the Coast web team. Jesse has participated in numerous design projects, including Unearthed Arcana and the upcoming Races of Eberron. If he's not shooting his mouth off about some aspect of the Dungeons & Dragons game, Jesse is likely asleep.

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