Sons of Gruumsh
Tougher Sons of Gruumsh
By Eric Cagle

Sons of Gruumsh, an adventure for 4th-level characters set in the Moonsea area of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, pits the PCs against the leaders of an orc horde massing north of Melvaunt. This web enhancement, by designer Eric Cagle , scales up the adventure to make it suitable for 8th-level characters. Here you'll find altered statistics for the major NPCs, upgraded treasure, and alternate sets of opponents. So download this web enhancement and let your higher-level player characters undertake the quest to defeat a dangerously organized orc horde!

Enhancement Preview

Part 2: Crossing Thar

Several encounters in this section require adjustment for an 8th-level party.

Random Encounters in Thar

Replace the Random Encounters in Thar Table on page 8 with the following.

D% Encounter Source Suggested Miniature
01-20 Troll (EL 5) MM 247 Troll (Harbinger 77/80) or Troll Slasher (Angelfire 59/60)
21-30 2 werewolves (EL 5) MM 175 Wolf (Harbinger 37/80) or Werewolf (Giants of Legend 60/72) or Timber Wolf (Deathknell 27/60)
31-60 Ettin (EL 6) MM 106 Ettin Skirmisher (Deathknell 52/60)
61-80 Shambling mound (EL 6) MM 222 Shambling Mound (Harbinger 36/80)
81-90 Bulette (EL 7) MM 30 Bulette (Giants of Legend 67/72)
91-100 Ogre barbarian (EL 7) MM 198 Ogre (Harbinger 71/80) or Ogre Ravager (Dragoneye 56/60)

Day 3: The Ambush Site (EL 8)

Make the following adjustments to this encounter, which is detailed on page 9.

  • Replace the owlbear with the following creature.

    Tyrannosaurus: hp 180; MM 61; suggested miniature Fiendish Tyrannosaurus (Giants of Legend 68/72).

  • Replace the final sentence of the flavor text with the following.

    A dead horse, half shrouded in the mist, lies amid the dead orcs. Some large, scaly creature is rooting around near it.

Day 4: Orc Scout Camp (EL 10)

Adjust the opponents in this encounter (detailed on page 9) as follows.

  • Add one extra orc sergeant, for a total of two.
  • Add two more orc warriors, for a total of ten.
  • Add one additional dire boar, for a total of two.
  • Double the treasure given for the orc sergeant to account for the extra one present. Increase the treasure noted for each orc warrior to 3d8 gp and 4d10 sp.

About the Authors

Eric Cagle cut his teeth at Wizards of the Coast, Inc., but he now lives the extravagant freelancer lifestyle. Look for his name on D&D, d20 Modern, and Star Wars books. Recent credits include d20 Apocalypse, Races of Destiny, and Monster Manual III. He is also a contributor to the Game Mechanics, Green Ronin Publishing, Dragon Magazine, and this lovely website. Eric lives in Seattle, where the coffee is dark and bitter, like his goddesses.

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