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Dragons of Faerun, Part 1
Roll Call of Dragons

Faerûn is home to countless dragons, whose territories range from the Great Glacier to the Great Sea and from Evermeet to the Endless Wastes. The following spreadsheet provides a nearly complete list of the named dragons of Faerûn who have been detailed (perhaps only briefly) in print in previous Forgotten Realms game books and fiction. For those wyrms best known by a humanoid nickname, their real names are revealed here as well.

Dragons of Faerûn provide the original hardcopy of the following list. However, the following includes the published source for each dragon--and is yours to modify. After all, this list--long though it might be--is just a brief sampling of dragons known to live in Faerûn, and DMs are encouraged to add to or modify this list as befits the campaign. Enjoy!

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