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Secrets of Sarlona, Part 2
Class and Character Themes

Introduced in Player's Handbook II, character themes are a way to add specificity and detail to your character's chosen class. Especially in Sarlona, such background elements can help inform your character creation choices and add depth to your roleplaying. The Sarlonan milieu can be very different indeed from Khorvaire. The information below provides Sarlonan-flavored themes for each of the core character classes, plus -- naturally -- the four basic psionic classes. Suggested backgrounds are also included, and further information can be found in the Sarlonan Backgrounds section.

Sarlona and Character Themes

The character themes outlined below are generally intended for campaigns within Sarlona itself but can be adapted to characters in Khorvaire with Sarlonan origins. For Riedran character themes, bear in mind the particular flavor of that nation when assembling your party. Riedra may not lend itself well to the "random group of adventurers come together in a tavern" model, ut it's very good for "adventurers bound together by common allegiance and cause."

Consider the possibility of having an entire party tied to Riedran organizations such as The Thousand Eyes, Harmonious Shield, or Edgewalkers. Alternatively, the party could be an internal resistance group such as the Horned Shadow or the Unchained. (These organizations are described in the Riedra section of Chapter 1 of Secrets of Sarlona.) Such campaigns would have a different flavor. Rather than simply wandering Riedra seeking fortune and glory; characters are either struggling to survive as resistance or taking direct action against the challenges facing the nation.


You are a creature of the wilds, able to tap into a primal fury when confronting your enemies. The comforts and complications of civilized life are totally foreign to you. Instead, you live a life of spare and even brutal simplicity. Only in battle or the hunt can certainty be had -- conquer and survive or fail and die. The wild places of Sarlona are your home.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Gladiator, Mariner, Tribal Origin

Theme: Tundra Sentry. You are a battle-bred warrior with one purpose in life -- vanquishing the enemies of your tribe. In the untamed tundra, you are a feared and respected protector of your people -- likely human or shifter, but the Tashana knows all races of warrior. In the northern lands, you might be tasked with combating the terrible menace of the brutal Kalaak. In the south, you might be among the fierce warriors of the borderlands. Or you may be one of the few lone warriors of the Tundra, with allegiance to no tribe. Feel now the icy wrath of the Tundra!

Theme: Wildfighter. You are a creature of ultimate freedom in the vanishing free lands of Sarlona. In Syrkarn or Adar, you represent the true spirit of the land standing against Riedran aggression, be it overt or otherwise. You know that subtle machinations of mind or magic cannot stand against the fury of your blade, and you will not be cowed by arrogant interlopers. Where is your mind magic now, bloodied one?


You are the ultimate wanderer, but you are not lost. You bring songs and tales to the people of Sarlona, often trading information and lore for a hot meal and a bed. Sarlona is nothing if not a land of intrigue, and your specialty is finding the narrow way between dangers to escape with epic stories for your next destination.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Artisan, Drifter, Mariner, Noble Scion

Theme: Dream Merchant: You're a smuggler of forbidden goods and information within the orderly nation of Riedra. You understand more than most about the strange and deadly workings of the lands of the Inspired, and you often find yourself dodging the baleful glare of the Thousand Eyes. Information is a commodity, and you are an expert fence -- buying, selling, trading, and keeping copious mental notes of all you encounter. Your travels take you from the harrowing peaks of besieged Adar to the tribal lands of Tashana and back again through the treacherous cities of Riedra -- treacherous, at least, to those in your line of work. I might have something here that would interest you, if you have something that interests me ....

Theme: Tashanan Piper. Among the people of the Tashana Tundra, the piper serves the role of storyteller and lorekeeper, traveling among the tribes to keep alive the stories and songs of the Tashana. As a Piper, you are respected and welcomed in most all communities, be they human, shifter, or half-giant, although you certainly take your chances braving the wild in-betweens of the Tundra. Pipers traditionally employ the intricate bone-flutes of the Tashana, although other instruments -- particularly drums -- are common. Syrkarn and Adar have their own equivalent of the Piper tradition, bound to no political entity but rather to the soil of Sarlona itself. I bring you a tale of ice, I bring you a song of fire ....


The giving of thanks, prayer and meditation, and devout adherence to divine will are the cornerstones of your faith and your life. The power of your deity courses through your very soul, granting you powers and abilities beyond the ken of the uninitiated -- the power to heal, the power to harm, the power to harness divine energies in service to a higher being.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Artisan, Ascetic, Noble Scion

Theme: Priest of the Riedran Spirit. As a priest of the nation, you have no knowledge of or loyalty to the Dreaming Dark but rather revere the ideals embodied by your nation. The spirit of Riedra as a people is your deity, and you travel the length and breadth of Sarlona -- even sailing to Khorvaire -- to share your enlightened culture with the savages. You could be attached to the Edgewalkers or Harmonious Shield, and you know firsthand the peace and prosperity that the Inspired offer to the world. There need not be war! There need not be strife! Embrace the peace and serenity that is our gift to you.

Theme: Flamekeeper. You are a preserver and defender of the old faiths of Sarlona, blessed and tasked with keeping alive the flickering flames of belief. Whether a Syrk battle priest, an Adaran ascetic, a stalwart cleric of the dwarven Dorann lineage, or an Akiak war chaplain, you maintain the Sarlonan connection to various aspects of the Sovereign Host or the Path of Light. As an intermediary of divine powers, you know that the very structures of nature and society depend on a connection with divine will -- and that the people of Sarlona desperately need your help and guidance. And may we be released to the Light, and may we know the Light, and may no shadows fall between ourselves and the Light.


You feel within yourself ancient rhythms -- the cycle of the seasons, the pull of the tides, the dance of the stars, and the terrestrial stirrings of all living things. You bring the comfort of spring's warmth to those who respect nature and the fury of winter storms to those who would despoil it. You are part of an ancient and mystical order, raised to learn and to keep sacred the songs, prayers, and incantations that celebrate the natural order of life.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Ascetic, Farm Hand, Tribal Origin

Theme: Tashana Avenger. Of all the lands of Eberron, the Tashana Tundra is perhaps the most pure and unspoiled. The power of this land courses through you, exhilarating and humbling, and you stand proud to protect its animals and native people. Of all the enemies of the Tundra, it is the vicious Kalaak who earn your mighty wrath. With their wanton destruction of life, their very presence scorches the Tashana. For countless generations, the tribal peoples of the Tundra have lived in harmony with the land. You draw on this power with every rising sun to battle back against the forces of unnatural destruction. In wind and ice do I bind you, demonspawn. Return to the earth where you might serve a purpose.

Theme: Sky Speaker. You are part of a Sarlonan druidic tradition that looks to the sky for inspiration, instruction, and benediction. In the endless swirling of the stars, you see signs of prophecy; in the flight of birds, you find resonance and harmony. While you are at peace with the earth and waters, it is the voice of the sky that speaks to you most clearly. Passing and fragile are the nations of man and dwarf, giant and ogre, demon and dragon. But the sun remains, and the moons and the stars, and the clouds and the winds. Look to the heavens, friend and companion, for the sky is forever abiding.


You are a practitioner of the noble art of armed combat. You live for the thrill of the fight and the elation of vanquishing a worthy foe -- or unworthy, for that matter. Whether you are lending your skill at arms to a cause, fighting for adventure and glory, or just doing it for the gold, you live to be the best at what you do. Combat styles come in a thousand different flavors, but in the end it all comes down to one thing. Who's left standing?

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Gladiator, Guttersnipe, Noble Scion, Soldier

Theme: Riedran Enforcer. You are a patriot and a believer, skilled and disciplined in the martial traditions. You take great pride in battling enemies of the state -- the primitive Akiak insurgents, the feral shifter tribes of the Tundra, and especially the treacherous kalashtar and humans of Adar. As an adventurer, you may be engaged in an ongoing campaign on a specific front, or you may be part of a special forces unit deployed wherever the need arises. For glory! For honor! For Riedra!

Theme: Elite Mercenary. You are bound to no nation, tribe, or clan. Neither are you a hired sword, a simple brute willing to shed any blood for coin. No, you are a true artist of combat and battle, sometimes following the winds of fate, sometimes actively seeking out worthy challenges for yourself. It's not about gold, it's not about glory, and it's certainly not about allegiance to nation or cause. It's about the dance of combat, the flash of metal, the moment of the battle itself. Friends, if I may ask a boon. Leave the big one for me. He's mine.


In the cloistered stillness of the monastery or the hidden places of the wild, you received your training. Your strength flows from discipline, knowledge, and technique. You have worked your entire life to perfect mind and body, and it is a journey you will continue to walk the rest of your days. For you, action and intent flow from deeper currents, and you strive for precision and clarity in all you do. You are a spiritual warrior, and you have chosen your side.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Artisan, Ascetic, Gladiator

Theme: Adaran Timespanner. You hail from the ageless monasteries of Adar, home to great monastic traditions unrivaled on a dozen planes. You are a defender of the Land of Refuge, which has offered shelter to the desperate and hunted for ages uncounted. For you, time is but an illusion. Adar has always been and forever shall be. The only true reality is the moment, and the moment is eternal. Adar is ceaselessly besieged -- Adar is forever at rest. You are the protector, and this is your home. You fail to understand. Here marks the border of the Land of Refuge, and you shall not pass.

Theme: Walker. You belong to a loosely-affiliated order of monks that maintain no permanent monasteries yet can be found in every corner of Sarlona. Your sect practices a style of walking meditation in which constant and deliberate movement is both practice and ideal -- movement of the body through space, of the soul through time ... of the weapon ... of the fist. Independent and self-reliant to the extreme, yours is a life of constant change as you travel incessantly from place to place, overcoming all obstacles and breaching all boundaries. A journey of ten thousand miles begins with ten thousand steps.


You are an embodiment of righteousness and good, given power over evil in all its incarnations. Your deity protects you from harm, wards you from fear, and grants you the ability to heal others and yourself. Your faith and devotion underlie your strength in arms, and your bravery inspires all who join you in battle. You are bound by a code of honor to protect the innocent, smite the wicked, and uphold justice.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Ascetic, Noble Scion, Soldier

Theme: Dorann Clanguard. You are part of an ancient order of holy warriors, called to duty once again. Recent years have seen the Dorann Holds on the brink of civil war, and the people of your nation face a terrible peril. You and the brothers and sisters of your order have arisen to seek out the root of this evil, wherever the quest may take you. As the clans prepare for war, you journey the wider world of Sarlona in an attempt to uncover the mysterious corruption that has gripped your nation. We are a people of stone and ice, and we shall not be sundered!

Theme: Lightbringer: You hail from the lands of Adar where you revere the universal force of positive energy known as il-Yannah. As a warrior of the Path of Light, your very existence serves but one purpose -- to penetrate the foul blackness of the Dreaming Dark. This is your battle, your people's battle, and you bring light and hope to the besieged nation of Adar. As the Dreaming Dark spreads its nefarious influence, you journey across Sarlona and the other continents to dispel the growing darkness with sword, with shield, with light. Darkness is not the opposite of Light. It is the absence of Light.


You have found your true home in the wild places of the world. As a consummate explorer and guide, your skills are always in demand. Self-reliance and adaptability are your hallmarks, and you always have the advantage when meeting a foe on natural terrain. Your affinity with the land allows you to track and hunt with mystical prowess, and your versatility with weaponry makes you deadly with sword or bow.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Drifter, Farm Hand, Mariner, Soldier, Tribal Origin

Theme: Syrkarn Warden. You are a protector of the wild lands of Syrkarn, a lone guardian standing against those who would crush freedom in your lands. You are among the few who truly recognize the threat that the nation of Riedra poses, and you count among your enemies the furtive Riedran agents that plague all of Syrkarn. No one knows the borderlands between Riedra and Syrkarn as well as you do, and you're willing to take the fight to your enemies wherever they may be. There, now, didn't I tell you? Riedran scouts look so much better with arrows sticking out of them ....

Theme: Taskaan Shifter. Bred to serve an Inspired lord, you earn ascension in your next life by fighting in this one. You are a hunter, pure and simple, and you pursue the enemies of your nation relentlessly. You're equally at home in the wilderness or the cities and towns of Sarlona. Whether tracking the Heirs of Ohr Kaluun, battling the Akiak and agents of Adar, or dispatching monsters that escape from the wild zones, you are ruthlessly efficient. It's a pity that a job such as yours has to exist, but so long as the peace of Riedra is threatened, you are duty-bound to respond in kind. And where now are the clever remarks about arrows, Syrk dog?


You're a slippery one, all right. There are those who prefer a straight fight to sneaking around, and there are those like you. Why bother with all the mess and blood when a little stealth or a few well-placed bluffs do the trick just as well? You're an opportunist and a thief, but you're also a skillful practitioner of ancient arts. You might specialize in one of these arts -- lockpicking, forgery, or infiltration -- but you're versatile and adaptable enough to squeeze your way through most any situation. In a party of adventurers, you're indispensable. Not many can do the things you can do, and fewer still can do them as well.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Artisan, Drifter, Guttersnipe, Mariner

Theme: Opportunist. You travel all of Sarlona, from the rarified airs of wealthy city enclaves to the roads and wharfs of the trade routes, in an effort to find and exploit the best opportunities for advancing your agenda. Usually, that agenda is simple -- gold and valuables. But you also broker influence and knowledge -- you might spy for the Thousand Eyes one day and smuggle out dissidents the next. You know how to fence valuable goods, always skimming a little something off the top. There are marvelous new opportunities in Sarlona these days, as official Riedran trade with Khorvaire expands. You also know about the unofficial trade that takes place in Syrkarn and Tashana. Wherever money is changing hands, you're right at home. Sure, I can get that for you. I know some Lhazaar, er, specialists in Winterstead ....

Theme: Double Agent. You are a former member of the Thousand Eyes, the Riedran 'secret police', and you've turned against your controllers after discovering an especially disturbing truth. Depending on your tolerance for howling paranoia, you might even still be in the employ of the Eyes, working under deep cover, fighting the oppressors from within. Or it may be that you've escaped the clutches of this formidable organization and now use your insider knowledge to assist enemies of the state in Adar, Syrkarn, or the Tundra. Perhaps you're simply on the run, a rogue agent trying desperately to escape your past, feeling the Eyes upon you at every turn. Yes, I've got identification papers. Several sets, actually. Several dozen, now that I think about it ....


Mystic rhythms pulse through your mind, and arcane energies flow through your body. You are a sorcerer, and magic is in your very blood. You suffered no apprenticeship, and require no yellowing scrolls or crumbling spellbooks. You can manifest magic by the force of your will alone, with a creativity and spontaneity that scholarly wizards will never know. Some say you are descended from dragons, that such awe-inspiring power must be a gift of the ancient wyrms. You do not argue.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Artisan, Ascetic, Drifter, Noble Scion

Theme: Lone Mystic. No one knows the true extent of the power you can wield, least of all yourself. You know that you are marked, that you are fundamentally different, but you do not know yet whether this is a blessing or a curse. For your own good, and possibly the good of others, you walk your path alone, disclosing your intents for the future -- and your secrets of the past -- to no one. You are searching for something you cannot name, something that will bring you into harmony with the arcane energies that burn in your heart and mind. Good evening, keeper. I require a bed, a fire, a meal -- and no questions.

Theme: Planeseeker. Your lineage predates even the great Sarlonan empires of old, and you seek knowledge of the true nature of the planar breaches so common to Sarlona. There is something within you that resonates with the ancient energies of these places and phenomena. You actively seek out experience and knowledge of planar magic and journey to the various manifest zones of Sarlona -- the wild preserves of Riedra, the breaches of Adar and Syrkarn, and the drifting reality storms of the Tashana Tundra. I sense a rending in this place, still unstitched. There are old magics here.


Through diligent research and scholarship, you intend to master the labyrinthine pathways of magic. Your travels take you from cloistered libraries to treacherous ruins, all in service of acquiring the tomes and scrolls of powerful and sometimes forbidden arcana. Your sanctum is crowded with stacks of books, beakers and vials, and other strange artifacts of the eldritch arts. Your calling is at once a craft, an art, and a science -- and you know full well that only the most meticulous and courageous can ascend to the ultimate heights of magical power.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Artisan, Ascetic, Noble Scion

Theme: Keeper of the Word. In the mist-shrouded mountains of Adar, you preserve the mystical traditions of your ancestors who were long ago purged from the lands of Riedra by the Inspired. The Keepers of the Word are spread throughout the mountains in strongholds and fortresses, and other more secret places. Here you share the protections of the land of refuge with the kalashtar and other besieged peoples of Adar. You are tasked with preserving magical knowledge that is literally thousands of years old. Travel in the lands outside Adaran border is particularly hazardous for you, as the Inspired long to destroy the knowledge of your order. We are besieged, but we are not fallen. The Word is kept, and still spoken, here in the land of refuge.

Theme: Fugitive. You belong to an alliance of arcane scholars who seek to reclaim the traditions of the past -- before the Sundering, before the purges, before Riedra. Hunted by agents of the Inspired, you tread carefully through the lands of Sarlona to practice your craft along with other scholars of the Broken Throne. Your work and research must be done in secret, for there are items still within the borders of Riedra that you wish to reclaim -- relics and remnants from a time when magic was the most powerful force in the land. As you collect the lost knowledge of the twelve nations, you're ever mindful of the treachery of the Inspired. They think they know the powers of the mind, but they do not know my powers, nor my mind. This shall be their doom.


You are a crafter of fundamental magics, weaving raw energy into items and constructs. The work you do is ultimately beyond the understanding of even the most learned of spellcasters, as you sculpt primal forces and bring them to bear in the material world. Your infusions and alterations can render the most mundane physical item into a powerful magical tool. Yours is magic-working in its most abstract form. You are a true artist.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Artisan, Ascetic, Noble Scion

Theme: Arcane Fence. You're one of but a handful of individuals skilled, brave, or crazy enough to practice the arts of the artificer within the cities and towns of Riedra. Working with an underground network of sources and allies -- most likely within the Dream Merchants -- you deal in wands and scrolls, potions and constructs. You supply dissidents with the tools and weapons they need to fight the Inspired or to flee to the free lands beyond Riedran borders. Among your clients, too, are the wealthy and foolish -- those who would have their illegal toys regardless the risk. The typical Riedran commoner fears and loathes your corrupt magic and would report you in a heartbeat. You're a black market dealer in an extremely hostile venue. Here's a little something I put together for later, save it until you reach the border. As always, you were never here, and we've never met.

Theme: Tashanan Crafter. You are an innovator in the realms of magic, exploring a new frontier of possibility. You hail from the vast plains of the Tashana Tundra, where the bond between the people and their land is unbreakable. Here you craft powerful totemic items and substances that draw on the pure and natural strength of this remarkable place. In place of potions, you might prepare a paste of rock lichens and fungi. In place of scrolls, you might scribe upon hide or driftwood. You craft odd and beautiful items of great power -- medicine rattles and tribal masks, fetishes and constructs of bone or even ice. Your work melds magic, technology, and spirit into one primal force. Whalebone, soapstone, dried lichens … aha, here it is! Kalaak fingerbone! Powerful magic -- use wisely…


Through tenacious discipline and a structured practice of meditation, you are committed to mastering the powers of the mind. Where others find strength in the sword or the twisting pathways of magic, you wield the innate energy of the psyche itself. Within you, even greater powers lie dormant, and you endeavor to free these latent abilities as you explore the endless recesses of your own mind.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Artisan, Ascetic, Noble Scion

Theme: Chosen Telepath. Specially selected and carefully trained in the psionic arts, you have been appointed as a goodwill ambassador to the other nations of Eberron. Yours is a great honor, and you endeavor to serve your nation dutifully, using your telepathic powers to gather information and facilitate beneficial relations. As a member of the Chosen, you know (or at least you have been told) that it's taken many lifetimes to arrive at this blessed incarnation. Soon you will ascend to the status of the Inspired and finally know the true nature of union with the awesome powers that drive the nation of Riedra. Greeting from Riedra, good gentles. I trust we will enjoy a true meeting of the minds.

Theme: Kalashtar Seer. You have chosen the psionic discipline of clairsentience and dedicated your life to employing your powers in the struggle against the Dreaming Dark. You navigate the eddies and whirls of space/time itself, using your precognitive powers to guide your comrades and your farsight abilities to monitor remote events and enemies. You've chosen to bring the fight to the aggressors, wandering far from the mountainous refuge of Adar to battle the agents of Dal Quor wherever they may be. There are those who say you can't be everywhere at once, but I beg to differ…

Psychic Warrior

You seek perfection in both mind and body, forging physical and psychic energies together into a steely essence greater than the sum of its parts. Your considerable martial power flows from the union of these seemingly disparate elements -- your strength is bound in discipline, honed in intent. Yours is a deadly combination of strength, skill and psionic might.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Drifter, Gladiator, Soldier

Theme: Shield Renegade. You were raised for a sole purpose -- to serve as a soldier in Riedra's powerful army of the Harmonious Shield. You were taught that honorable death in battle was the surest of all paths to spiritual advancement in the next life. Years of psychic indoctrination very nearly burned all mercy and empathy from your soul … but then something gave way. A certain clarity descended, and you found you could no longer in good conscience live the life that was dictated as your inescapable destiny. Breaking ranks with the Shield, you have become a fugitive from your own kind, hunted by your former comrades. I don't consider it shedding blood, really. More like making amends.

Theme: Legacy Walker. You are a warrior among the nomadic troupes of the Sarlonan half-giant "families." While most walkers are half-giant, descended from the great titans of Xen'drik, many families adopt individuals of other races as well. Legacy walkers are the most elite warriors within a wandering family, often serving as scouts and vanguards. Within you, mental might and physical prowess combine with fearsome intensity. Whether you hail from the Icebinders of the Tashana, the Sandstriders of Syrkarn, or the gypsy Trampers of Adar, you travel the lands of Sarlona brandishing your unique style of psychically augmented steel. If you stand against any of the family, you stand against all of the family.


You are unique amongst all martial warriors, for the blade you wield is forged not from metal or crystal but from pure psychic energy. Your mind blade is lethal in more ways than one, functioning both as a physical sword and a powerful psionic weapon. Through relentless practice and discipline, you are set above the common swordsman, for who else can materialize a blade of pure thought, desire, and will?

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Ascetic, Drifter, Gladiator

Theme: Rogue Assassin. As a member of the Chosen born to a shadow lineage of assassins, you were raised and trained to be nothing less than the ultimate killing machine. Deep in the labyrinthine halls of Riedra's fortresses, you learned to manifest your aggression into a razor of lethal energy in service to the Dreaming Dark. But you have left that life behind, for reasons that are entirely your own, and embarked on your own path to destiny. Few are those who dare to break from the Sleeping Sword, fewer still those who survive to tell the tale. To your former masters, you're a danger -- a deadly weapon gone rogue. Would that I had not seen what I have seen. Would that I had not done what I have done.

Theme: Quori Pathwalker. The soulknife has long been a common martial tradition of both the kalashtar and Inspired, with the mind blade reflecting the bond to Dal Quor and the endless conflict of that dream realm. Perhaps you walk the path of the Jilashtora, the "Flowing Blades," or the Ojilashta, the "Bladeshapers." You own no scabbard, but you are never unarmed. (Read more on Quori martial traditions.) For my sisters and I, intent and action are as one.


For you, the true power of the mind flows not from rigorous mental discipline but from violent surges of feeling and emotion. The psion's obsession with illusory control dampens her power -- you understand the unbridled strength of raw passion. Yours is a treacherous path, but personal development of your psychic potential is paramount. It is your courage and the very force of your personality that allows you to channel such awesome power.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Ascetic, Drifter, Mariner

Theme: Colonial Scout. Your people hail from the maenad lands of the remote Tashyvar Islands. As a Colonial Scout, you have been tasked with exploring Sarlona to find new areas for future settlement. As you've made your way in the wider world, you've found the life of an adventurer suits your personal quest to continue development of your psionic potential. But you are always mindful of your obligation to your people, as you assess new lands and situations for the maenad colonial initiative. You are bound to your people in a way your companions can never understand, and you yourself can never fully deny. Our home disappeared beneath the waves ages ago. And so we seek a new one.

Theme: Sarlonan Sovereign. Sarlona is a land awash in chaotic psychic energies and has been so for time immemorial. Kingdoms and ages wax and wane, but the power of the land remains throughout. You are a sovereign of the land itself, bound to no one. You owe no debts of allegiance and have been entirely self-reliant in the development of your innate power. For you, true meaning can only be found in the manifestation of these powers. You adventure to discover new techniques and items to further this personal quest, living for the moments of surging power when you channel the energies of Sarlona itself. This land has seen many empires rise and fall. Riedra, too, will pass.

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